Holiday Gift Guide Submissions for The Rock Father:

Preparation for the 2016 HOLIDAY WISH GUIDE (Gift Guide) is already under way! Do you represent something that Rock Father readers should know about? If so, The Rock Father wants to hear from you. 

Ideally, Submissions for the 2016 ROCK FATHER HOLIDAY WISH GUIDE should be in by September 1, 2016.

Send Pitches to: james [at] therockfather.com

A Variety of placement options are available for 2016, with a focus on TOYS! As with past years The Rock Father will also be covering gift items for grown-ups in addition to kids and family items.

When Submitting Material for Review: Please keep in mind that due to the volume of items received, coverage is not guaranteed. Items will be accepted into the Gift Guide at The Rock Father's sole discretion. Posted reviews will be of the brutally honest nature that readers of The Rock Father have come to expect. A general rule is that if you make a good product, that will be reflected. Make a bad product, and that will be reflected as well, and it will not be included in the Gift Guide. This is entirely subjective and at the discretion of James Zahn.