As I sat down to write this entry, I happened to notice that it was exactly one year ago today, for 31 Days of Halloween 2012, that I'd written about the same thing. While Halloween isn't officially here until Thursday, Trick-or-Treating here took place yesterday, on a Sunday afternoon, and in broad daylight. This is still weird to me, and I can only equate it with doing Christmas morning presents on December 21. It will never feel right.

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My love for the General Mills Monster Cereals is well-documented. This year, I may have even taken credit for their return to retro-style packaging at Target (I didn't, but I have requested this each Fall since 2008, and in 2013 it actually happened), and while it's been a joy to introduce my children to Daddy's love of COUNT CHOCULA, BOO BERRY, FRANKEN BERRY, FRUTE BRUTE, and FRUITY YUMMY MUMMY, this year I went beyond simply eating the cereal dry. Having not had a glass of milk since 1989, I returned to eating cereal proper with Silk Pure Almond Original Almondmilk... and the kids and I turned our Monster Cereals into some tasty treats - one of which is a quick-and-easy snack to make for your Halloween parties this week: General Mills' Monster Cereal Munch! 

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PBS KIDSIn a season where new "Halloween specials" have been light, there's a real classic vibe that comes with CURIOUS GEORGE: A HALLOWEEN BOO FEST. Making it's television debut this Monday (10/28) on PBS KIDS (check your local listings), this first-ever pumpkin-spiced tale for the little monkey has a warmth that I haven't really gotten from recent seasonal fare. Seeing my oldest curl-up on the couch with her Curious George mask as we took in a sneak-preview here at Rock Father HQ, it reminded me of those nights as a kid in the 1980s where I'd do the same while eagerly-awaiting IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN. With that, CURIOUS GEORGE: A HALLOWEEN BOO FEST secures its place as part of 31 Days of Halloween here on The Rock Father.

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For Day 25 of 31 Days of Halloween here on The Rock Father, I'm taking us back into musical waters for a pair of tracks from MR. SINGER and the SHARP COOKIES. If you caught my column over at Chicago Parent this past Monday, you'll notice that I already featured one of these, but here I'm giving you two songs to check out. From their 2005 album, MUDDY WATER BEAVER DAM BAND, comes "Haunted Haus" - while "Cartoon Saloon" comes from their 2012 record, BOUNCING BALL OF ENERGY. Both are more than appropriate for your 2013 Halloween Playlist, and should you want to hear them live - you're in luck! Mr. Singer and the Sharp Cookies will be performing at the Old Town School of Folk Music THIS Sunday, and they've got shows booked for the 30 & 31 as well...

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The Classic Ouija Board. It doesn't matter if you think of it as "Wee-Ja" or "Wee-Gee" (I prefer the latter), the classic board game is capable of conjuring some pretty strong feelings and emotions... depending on who you talk to. While versions of the William Fuld-stamped board have been around for over a century, it's the CLASSIC OUIJA Board that is most-often thought of, though many don't realize that it hasn't exactly been easy to come by in recent years. For Day 24 of 31 Days of Halloween here on The Rock Father, I'm featuring the Classic Ouija Board - brought back to life by Winning Moves Games under license from Hasbro. Yes, the true classic based on the famous Parker Brothers board is available once more, and they sent one to Rock Father HQ for some spooky fun...

I just watched HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH tonight. Well, I watched part of it while the girls were getting ready for bed, and then my wife turned it off. It's cool, since I have the DVD and will watch it again shortly, but it's Day 22 of 31 Days of Halloween here on The Rock Father, and my entry today has everything to do with the HALLOWEEN series... the music of the series. A new offering for 2013, HALLOWEEN: THE SOUND OF EVIL – MUSIC FROM THE HALLOWEEN FILM SCORES  (BuySoundtrax) is a 35th Anniversary Celebration of the music from the eight films in the original HALLOWEEN series, followed by the two reimaginings that ROB ZOMBIE did not long ago. Produced and Arranged by Dominik Hauser, the album features iconic music composed by John Carpenter, Alan Howarth, John Ottman, Danny Lux, and Tyler Bates.

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