Last month, I made my love of the General Mills Monster Cereals quite clear when I celebrated their return to stores for another season of frightfully-fantastic breakfast delights. Now that we're almost at the end of October, it would feel wrong to leave the boys out of 31 Days of Halloween here on The Rock Father, so for Day 27 we're turning back the clock to take a look at the first appearances of Count Chocula and Franken Berry and Boo Berry. I tend to think that my daughters will never have such an emotional attachment to a line of breakfast cereals...

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Today's installment of 31 Days of Halloween is an interesting one because the subject of my Day 26 post coincidentally followed @therockfather on twitter yesterday. Who is this mysterious outfit that evidentally either read my mind or somehow took a peek at my article notes for the month? Vintage Beistle.

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Thursday, October 25 2012 00:00

31 Days of Halloween: Dear Dracula

When I set the DVR to record the premiere of a new animated Halloween special called DEAR DRACULA on Cartoon Network, I had no idea that it was based on a graphic novel. Sure enough, the special was adapted from a 2008 story by Joshua Williamson and Vincente "Vinny" Navarrete that was released through Image Comics' Shadowline imprint. Why did I set the DVR to record? I thought it would be a cute special for my daughter to watch.

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It's no secret that we enjoy a lot of programming from PBS Kids here at Rock Father HQ, so it should come as no surprise to other families with preschool-aged children that WordWorld is viewed on a frequent basis. For those that haven't yet seen WordWorld, it's a show in which words literally come alive as "WordFriends" - characters whose bodies spell the word they are. Throughout each episode, spelling and reading are taught through the thoughtful placement of various objects in the environment that are also comprised of words. Like most good shows, WordWorld has a Halloween edition, and it's been a fixture in our 31 Days of Halloween since last year.

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Ever since it's release in 1984, people have been doing cover versions of Ray Parker Jr.'s theme from GHOSTBUSTERS. I've heard a ton of 'em, but two of the best belong to HOOBASTANK and MELO-M. Hoobastank's rockin' 2009 cover came complete with what is essentially a live-action version of THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS cartoon for the video...

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With Caillou being my oldest daughter's favorite television show, the holiday episodes are always looked forward to. We have a few on DVD, though for some reason the available episodes of the series are sporadic and often duplicated between DVD volumes. In the meantime, many episodes are seemingly unavailable, and that means that several Halloween installments are AWOL unless you happen to catch them on PBS Kids or on Sprout. While I imagine those channels will start airing some Halloween Caillou goodness in the days ahead, there are some great options to enjoy at all times. 

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