Earlier this month, I shared a preview of BARBIE IN PRINCESS POWER, the 30th animated film to feature Barbie and her friends. For the first time in Mattel's 56-year history, Barbie is donning the cape and mask to become a real superhero (unlike the times she's dressed-up as licensed characters), and at the world's largest Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Barbie appeared as a live-action, high-flying character to launch the toy line associated with the coming film, and it's digital empowerment mission, Be Super. Check out some video from the launch...

For the past few years, Mattel's BARBIE line has been dwindling in the sales and interest department - trumped in large part by their own MONSTER HIGH and  EVER AFTER HIGH doll collections. While we have quite the Barbie collection here at Rock Father HQ, day-to-day interest isn't as big as some of our other toys... until a new movie comes along. The Barbie animated films from Universal Studios Home Entertainment are a big deal around here, and while nothing has come close to the PRINCESS & THE POPSTAR film in terms of popularity with my girls (they're still into it a few years later), I have a feeling that it's about to be knocked-down a few notches by what's coming next: BARBIE in PRINCESS POWER - a full-blown superhero adventure. Due on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on March 3, with the toy line hitting stores right now, this just may be the perfect Spring movie for kids that dig both royals and superheroes.

Get girly-glam Gear at the Barbie BoutiqueA couple of years ago, Addie and I discovered the series of CGI-animated BARBIE movies that Universal has been releasing one or two times a year. Much to my surprise, they're not bad - and now having viewed many of them, it's incredible to see just how much the quality has increased over the years. The first massive hit here at Rock Father HQ was PRINCESS AND THE POPSTAR (which really needs a follow-up), and it was nearly trumped when Addie found out that there were some BARBIE mermaid movies as well. She loves mermaids, and now that Little Finley is in on the aquatic action as well these days, when Mattel sent us a copy of their latest film, BARBIE: THE PEARL PRINCESS, along with a couple of dolls inspired by the movie (they arrived back in May), excitement was abound, and it's carried well into summer.

SONY Pictures and MATTEL are already working on developing a new, live-action film based on the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, and now these cinematic partners have set their sights on bringing another icon to the big screen: BARBIE. Sony Pictures Entertainment, Mattel and Parkes+MacDonald/Image Nation have officially announced plans for a live-action comedy based on the doll line, calling this it's "next big, global franchise," with production set to begin before the year's end.

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Alright, so I'm a little bit late in posting this week's new release listing. But, it's still Tuesday for a couple more hours here at Rock Father HQ, so I figure I'm still within my own self-imposed limits. After all, who do I work for? That's right, myself! Well, but technically, (everything I do) I do it for you - like Bryan Adams' terrible song from that ROBIN HOOD movie with Clark Kent's Dad. Now I'm just being silly, but if you're looking for what's new in home video releases this week, then I have what you need... highlights of all the family titles that have arrived at retail as of today. There's TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, LEGO STAR WARS, WINNIE THE POOH, TRANSFORMERS and more. Check out the list below!

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In the year or so since MEGA BLOKS began issuing building sets based on licenses from fellow toymaker, MATTEL, we've seen a lot of great sets that have been centered around those brands, namely, HOT WHEELS and BARBIE. The building category is massive right now, and with kids of all ages spending more and more time assembling these sets, it's always interesting to see where they'll go next. One of the first Spring 2014 sets to emerge pre-Toy Fair combines two of my oldest daughter's greatest loves - dolls and vehicles. The MEGA BLOKS Barbie Build 'N Play Luxe Camper arrived at Rock Father HQ for review, and since it has wheels, it rolls into Rock Father Rides for an early look at this new set. Oddly, this build introduced me to a term that I wasn't familiar with: "Glamping."

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