The Easter Bunny is getting prehistoric this season, heading back to the ice age. With the feature film, ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE headed for theaters this summer, the whole crew is making a stop on the small screen when ICE AGE: THE GREAT EGG-SCAPADE premieres on FOX March 20. This all-new special comes just in-time for Easter, arriving on Digital HD the day after it airs on television, and to celebrate the Spring Fun, Fox Home Entertainment and THE ROCK FATHER Magazine are giving readers a chance to win a digital code good for ICE AGE: THE GREAT EGG-SCAPADE, redeemable for viewing on your favorite digital services and devices!

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Wednesday, December 03 2014 22:55

THE SIMPSONS Season 17 Hits Blu-ray and DVD...

While THE SIMPSONS is currently airing it's 26th season on FOX, the Blu-ray and DVD releases are still catching up. This week, the proper home video edition of The Complete Seventeenth Season has arrived, bringing with it 22 episodes from the 2005 run. To mark the release, the folks at 20th Century Fox have set free a few memes and gifs, because... why not? Sideshow Bob is always appreciated.

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It’s time to recast Jack Bauer. For nine seasons Kiefer Sutherland has portrayed Bauer perfectly. He has infused the character with heart and a determination that allowed him to inhabit this tragic character better than anyone could have foreseen. It's his career-defining role. One that he will be remembered for, and one that I hope he is truly proud of. 

125simpsonsIt's sometimes weird to think that THE SIMPSONS has been on the air in first-run episodes for 25 Seasons already. A quarter-century since the show first aired (I taped the very first episode on VHS from a UHF broadcast via WFLD Channel 32 in Chicago), it seems like THE SIMPSONS have always been there, and will never go away. Watching the new Blu-ray release of THE SIMPSONS: THE SIXTEENTH SEASON (courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment), it was an experience to see these nearly decade-old episodes (it's the 2004-2005 season) looking brand-new, and actually... some of them were new to me.

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Doh! It's time for another Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway... For Grownups, here on The Rock Father. On December 3, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release THE SIMPSONS: Season 16 on Blu-ray and DVD. To celebrate the release and spread a little holiday cheer, Fox Connect and The Rock Father are getting one lucky reader hooked up with the Blu-ray Box Set!

If you're reading this, it is my duty to make it known that you are reading a historic blog. Despite it being a common feature throughout the vast realm of cyberspace, I have never done a "Throwback Thursday." This is my first... and it's about that time when I went to PRISON. Actually, if we're being honest, I should admit that I've been to prison more than once.

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