As posted last week, ROCK BAND is finally winding down, with weekly DLC coming to an end on April 2 after an impressive - and almost unheard of - five-year run. As the final countdown is upon us, there's still a few weeks left, and this week brings a trio of songs to the Rock Band Music Store, all of which were previously-included in last year's ROCK BAND BLITZ. Check out the details on the new-ish cuts from RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, and BLINK-182 below.

I really need to get my ROCK BAND drums out and fire up ROCK BAND 3 again this week. The problem is, everytime I get them out, the oldest munchkin wants to take over on the sticks... and I can't blame her for doing so. That said, the folks from Harmonix hit The Rock Father with details on their ROCK BAND MUSIC STORE DLC for this week, and it's a good set - A collection of six career-spanning songs from AEROSMITH. Details below...

You know what I just realized? ROCK BAND has 4,134 songs available for in-game play as of this writing. That's an insane amount of tracks available for a game series that's already over five years old. As always, they've got new DLC hitting this Tuesday, and those browsing the ROCK BAND Music Store can look forward to new tracks from MAROON 5 featuring CHRISTINA AGUILERA, FOSTER THE PEOPLE, and FOO FIGHTERS. I've got the full details right here on The Rock Father below, along with details on last weeks additions (ANDREW W.K., fun., PINK, etc.) since I missed them with the turn of the New Year.

Having just cleared five years of rocking last month, ROCK BAND continues to unite music gamers and families as the platform expands weekly with fresh tracks available for ROCK BAND BLITZ and ROCK BAND 3. On December 18, a trio of songs from ELTON JOHN hits the Rock Band Music Store. Harmonix got in touch with The Rock Father to deliver the full details, and I've got that posted for you below.

It's a big day for fans of music gaming, as ROCK BAND has officially turned five years old as of today. The folks over at Harmonix have posted some memories from their staff members, all in celebration of a game that has outlasted it's competitors, and continues to bring new DLC content every week. This week, the family-friendly ROCK BAND 3 and ROCK BAND BLITZ get six singles from six decades. Fun Fact: ROCK BAND was actually the reason I initially got an XBOX 360. After playing it at a party in November of 2007, I was hooked. My wife bought me the full band kit and an XBOX 360 (my first of several) the following month for Xmas. Now that we have kids, I let my oldest pound away on my original ROCK BAND drum kit, while I use the upgraded set with cymbals.

Rock Band will officially turn five years old on November 20th, and while I anticipate some sort of celebration, they weekly DLC just keeps coming. This week, DAVE MATTHEWS BAND brings a trio of hits to the Rock Band platform, with songs arriving for Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz, tomorrow. Harmonix hit The Rock Father with the details, all of which can be found below.

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