There's a slight possibility that this post may inspire a bit of deja vu for you, on the odd chance that you happened to have been reading The Rock Father back on March 12, 2012. It was then, while nursing a brief back injury (cue PANTERA's I'm Broken), that I sat down on a Friday night to discuss a then-24 year old movie, 1988's Penny Marshall-directed classic, BIG. The timing just worked out right at the time, and somehow BIG became the first live-action movie to really hold Addie's attention after I found it "On-Demand," despite already owning the DVD. BIG is one of those movies that I've owned over and over again, having first bought it on VHS, then on DVD, and now on 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray thanks to the folks at Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Just as METALLICA "Re-Revisited" their "Garage Days," I'm "Re-Revisiting" my look back on BIG. Through the eyes of a parent... who was once a kid... and still acts like one on regular occasions.

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I had no idea that I'd be spending time on a Friday night discussing a 24-year-old movie, but here I am about to throw down some virtual ink in regards to the 1988 Penny Marshall-directed film BIG. Having inexplicably injured my back earlier this week and visiting a Chiropractor for the first time (cue PANTERA's I'm Broken), I've spent more time on the couch in the past three days than I've probably spent sitting in the past three months.

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