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Caillou Rocks, so stop the hate. #CaillouRocks

Posted 2/23/2013, updated 6/29/2016

If you've followed The Rock Father from the beginning, you already know that Caillou is a big fixture here at Rock Father HQ (see Addie's 3rd Birthday). Truth be told, I wasn't familiar with the little bald Canadian before 2009 when my first daughter was born. I'd imagine that's also the case for many parents, as what childless adult is actually watching PBS Kids or Sprout (unless they also own a plain white van)? Yes, this little boy - eternally four years old - is much like another little baldy from when I was a kid, Charlie Brown. But that Caillou? In addition to being Addie's first love, he's a really divisive little s.o.b., and for that he demands respect.

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uverseFINAL UPDATE: As of August 2013, I have switched to Xfinity by Comcast.

MORE UPDATES FOLLOW ORIGINAL POST: If you're an AT&T U-Verse Subscriber that happens to enjoy watching videos on YouTube, you might've noticed something irritating over the past few days: The two services don't seem to like each other anymore. Thousands of users (myself included) began experiencing service issues at roughly the same time on Saturday, February 15. I'm all for a good nostalgia trip, but a reminder of it was like trying to stream video to RealPlayer via a dial-up AOL connection is not my idea of a good time.

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"Hipsters and Movember killed The Mustache Movement." I tweeted that statement on January 12, 2013 after seeing yet another baby product cross my path emblazoned with a mustache (or "moustache" for the extra-hip folk). I'm tired of seeing mustaches added to random crap, especially baby products. It's not funny or cute. 

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From February 18, 2013. Pictured Above: Stock Photo Courtesy Google Image Search (and dozens of sites)...

There's a terrible problem afoot. As a "Dad Blogger" (or "Daddy Blogger," "Parent Blogger," whatever) I run across a lot of fellow parents through the usual social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  In making connections with these other folks who've chosen to display the fruit of their reproductive activities, I've been saddened  to learn that many of them - some of them great people - have been hit with one of our generation's greatest tragedies: The Family Portrait in a Yard.

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THE ROCK FATHERUpdate: I've received an apology from Hot Topic in an email dated 2/8/13

I don't often go on this type of rant here on my personal blog (it has nothing to do with parenting), but something has to be said. I believe that HOT TOPIC (Trade Symbol: HOTT) has just burned me for the last time.

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The Rock Father's Greatest Hits of 2012

Ahhh.... the customary "year-in-review..." post  is here. I'll just come right out and say it: 2012 was a good year for me, and it started pretty early on. The decision to ditch my old writing/editing gig in favor of building The Rock Father™ into it's own "Empire" was the catalyst for many adventures for which I'm grateful. As many of you have just discovered the site in the past few months, there's certainly some good stuff that you might've missed, and thus the "year-end wrap-up" is a prime opportunity to check out some highlights. I always feel like these year-end posts are just self-appreciative horn-tooting sessions, and maybe they are, so I've assembled some "Greatest Hits" from the past twelve months, while mixing it up with some Rock Father adventures from other sites and beyond...

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