Updated five years later (2017): I dig Kidz Bop now. Opinions change drastically.

As I tweeted earlier today: Parents - please, do not ever buy your children a KIDZ BOP album. In some States, doing so warrants a visit from DCFS

Sure, the last part was an exaggeration, but I think most will agree that the KIDZ BOP series is pretty bad. In fact, the newly-released KIDZ BOP 23 just might be the finest album available for parents that don't like their children, or music.

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Sunday, December 16 2012 20:56

Sandy Hook Elementary School...

This has been a difficult post to sit down and write. For the past two days, I've been conflicted on exactly what to say, but as I told my wife earlier today, it felt impossible for me to resume posting on The Rock Father like "business as usual." The world today is a different place than it was on Friday morning, when in-between dropping off and picking up my oldest daughter from her "Terrific 2's & 3's" program, I did a quick post about some new tracks on ROCK BAND just before giving my infant a bottle while checking out a KNIGHT RIDER re-run on G4. What was taking place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut was a rampage of an unimaginable and horrifying scale.

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I have been working on this blog entry since November 25. Over the past few weeks, I've gone back and forth on it, updating, adding new information, and finally setting it free...

I really wish that we could all just let our kids be kids and play with whatever toy they'd like without having to think of things in greater social terms. While our daughters are welcome to explore whatever piques their interests, the simple fact is that there is no "right and wrong" when it comes to play. Last month, I wrote a piece for New York's Time to Play Magazine about my daughter's love of toy cars (read it here), touching on the issue of gender neutrality a bit, but also saying that it's ok to play with whatever she'd like. If she wants to race around with her Hot Wheels today, then dress up in full Princess garb tonight, it's cool.

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Ever since I started doing The Rock Father as my full-time web presence, I've noticed a few things in the blogosphere that bug the hell out of me. For the most part, I just ignore the little quips and move along without saying anything, but now the time has come to reveal the biggest gripe I have... the classic "Review and Giveaway." Let me tell you something, fellow bloggers: the words "review" and "giveaway" should NEVER be used together. Parenting bloggers (Mommy Bloggers, Daddy Bloggers, etc.) are the worst offenders. 

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There's been a situation brewing for the past few months that finally came to a head today. It could be looked at in a variety of ways, flipped and spun to accentuate the positive or the negative - or looked at from a multitude of sides - children... parents... figures of authority. Quite simply, my daughter has her first nemesis - an enemy of the smallest form - but only at times, and it's a situation that could've been defused a lot earlier if the adults involved were better communicators, and less combative. The first step? Admitting openly that your child is no angel. Mine certainly isn't, and I have no problem telling you that outright.

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As the father of a newborn, I've recently been reminded of a pet peeve that I haven't really thought much of since getting past the pacifier stage with our first daughter a few years back. Actually, I might've mentioned it in passing here on The Rock Father once before, but in recent weeks this little annoyance has become an irritation with increasing regularity. I'm talking about parents (or others - at the store, at the playgroup, etc.) that refer to any child's pacifier as a "Binky" by default. The reason? Most of the time, they're sorely mistaken.

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