It's no secret that when it comes to gaming, my loyalty lies with the XBOX. It's the system of choice here at Rock Father HQ (see my "Daddy Shooting Pixels" posts), and while it's used primarily after the kids go to bed, I'm thinking about finally getting a KINECT to use with the whole family. While I ponder that, the folks over at the official Microsoft Store just hit The Rock Father with a great deal that all of you might want to take advantage of...

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After more than five years, it appears that the ROCK BAND franchise might finally be winding down it's cycle - at least for ROCK BAND 3. While I've often spoken of how they've kept families gaming together with fresh content via DLC each Tuesday, it appears that the pipeline is starting to slow down, with previously-released tracks appearing on ROCK BAND BLITZ now making their way into the Rock Band Music store. An announcement made earlier this month also puts the future in question a bit, though plenty of new DLC is still being promised. This week, BLITZ tracks from LIVING COLOUR, KELLY CLARKSON, QUIET RIOT, and SOUNDGARDEN become available for all...

You know what I just realized? ROCK BAND has 4,134 songs available for in-game play as of this writing. That's an insane amount of tracks available for a game series that's already over five years old. As always, they've got new DLC hitting this Tuesday, and those browsing the ROCK BAND Music Store can look forward to new tracks from MAROON 5 featuring CHRISTINA AGUILERA, FOSTER THE PEOPLE, and FOO FIGHTERS. I've got the full details right here on The Rock Father below, along with details on last weeks additions (ANDREW W.K., fun., PINK, etc.) since I missed them with the turn of the New Year.

Having just cleared five years of rocking last month, ROCK BAND continues to unite music gamers and families as the platform expands weekly with fresh tracks available for ROCK BAND BLITZ and ROCK BAND 3. On December 18, a trio of songs from ELTON JOHN hits the Rock Band Music Store. Harmonix got in touch with The Rock Father to deliver the full details, and I've got that posted for you below.

I don't cover much sports here on The Rock Father, so it's pretty fitting that when I do there has to be something rock involved. Case-in-point? NBA BALLER BEATS by Majesco Entertainment. This new video game for KINECT on XBOX 360 is sort of a rhythm game akin to ROCK BAND or GUITAR HERO, but one that uses real basketball skills - and a real ball - to keep the beat along with 30 songs from top artists in hip-hop, rock, and more. You've got music, you've got sports, and you're active while playing. Personally, I wanted to try this out myself, but since we do not yet have a Kinect here at Rock Father HQ, the folks at Majesco have agreed that I can hook up one lucky reader with a copy of the game - complete with an NBA Ball Replica from Spalding!

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Microsoft StoreAfter some stellar deals for Black Friday, I'd wondered what the Microsoft Store icon would even have left come Cyber Monday. Well, they've got some new goodies icon in their bag for those of you searching for great deals for the bigger kids or grownups on your holiday shopping lists. A sampling of their rockin' deals can be found below, or you can just click here icon to check 'em all out on their site. Want an XBOX 360, a laptop, or some Beats by Dre Headphones? They've got you covered...

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