Whenever I post something that falls into this realm, I always have to add a preface, because I get asked: No, I am not a "Brony." I have two daughters that absolutely adore MY LITTLE PONY, but even even though I've watched it with them on The Hub, I cannot get into MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC. But... I know guys that do (some of whom read this site), and I don't knock it, but it's just not for me. That said, the documentary film, BRONIES: THE EXTREMELY UNEXPECTED ADULT FANS OF MY LITTLE PONY is getting a wide-release on DVD on December 17th via MVD Entertainment Group.

Doing a site that's largely family-friendly (sans the "For Grownups" section), it's always weird to think that I have a whole body of work that I can't share with my kids. Not yet, anyway. Between the music, films, videos, and comics I've done in the past, there's actually not really anything that's kid-friendly (again, not yet), but most of it came before I became I parent. Most, but not all. I give you PRODUCT OF HATE - THE UNHOLY MANIPULATOR (IMDb) a long-form music video that I directed and edited... a video that was released for Halloween 2012, but never properly featured here on The Rock Father. I should warn you, it's NSFW (not-safe-for-work), unless you happen to work somewhere really cool. It's Day 15 of 31 Days of Halloween 2013, and I'm going to show you the video and tell you a story...

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On October 22, Warner Bros Records will revisit VAN MORRISON's classic album, MOONDANCE, with the release of three new physical configurations and an iTunes Deluxe Edition.  The pinnacle of the reissue is the newly remastered and expanded version featuring 50 unreleased tracks including studio outtakes of favorites like “Caravan, “Moondance” and “Into The Mystic,” plus multiple takes and a final mix of the unheard track “I Shall Sing”. To celebrate the release, Warner Bros/Rhino have teamed up with The Rock Father to get one lucky reader hooked-up with VAN MORRISON: MOONDANCE, the 5-Disc Deluxe Edition!

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On November 1, AUGUST BURNS RED will hit the road in support of their latest album, RESCUE & RESTORE (out now on Solid State), with BLESSTHEFALL, DEFEATER, and BEARTOOTH along for the ride. My friends at AEG Live are handling select dates on the tour, and they've teamed up with The Rock Father to get three ABR fans hooked-up with signed, double-sided posters promoting the release of RESCUE & RESTORE. It's a really cool collectible for the die-hard AUGUST BURNS RED fan...

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For Day 12 of 31 Days of Halloween 2013 here on The Rock Father, I'm doing something different... I'm shining the spotlight on something that I created long before becoming a parent... years before becoming "The Rock Father": DEATH WALKS THE STREETS. A multi-genre horror/crime hybrid, DWTS was initially conceived as a screenplay in 2004 - the ultimate mashup between monsters and the mob. I'd completed the screenplay with my friend, Ben Brezinski, and then the project took on a nearly-legendary "life of it's own," in 2005 as we entered into a production deal for a movie... which was then touted as "A Trilogy." I ended up penning the sequel, DEATH WALKS THE STREETS II: THE LONG DECEMBER, and a line of prequel comic books was announced. Problem is, despite scoring a Spike Scream Award Nomination for "Most Anticipated Film," being featured in countless media outlets, getting well into pre-production to the point of soundtrack demos, set/prop/costume design, storyboarding, location scouting, FX tests completed, and a preliminary cast in-place with merchandise already being sold, the movies never happened. Hollywood horror story? Sort of, but some comic books were made...

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On October 15, Back Lot Music will release the original motion picture soundtrack for DEAD IN TOMBSTONE, as performed by UK-based electro-outfit, HYBRID. Available for pre-order now on iTunes, the full tracklisting and cover art can be viewed below. DEAD IN TOMBSTONE arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on October 22 via Universal, and stars DANNY TREJO, MICKEY ROURKE, and ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL.

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