I think it's been a pretty good few months for BARENAKED LADIES. Their latest album, GRINNING STREAK (read my review here) hit the streets back in June, and they hit the road for another LAST SUMMER ON EARTH Tour alongside BEN FOLDS FIVE, BOOTHBY GRAFFOE, and GUSTER (which I attended), and now they're back with a new video. It's a clip that's really perfect for the Halloween season, if only due to the Zombie onslaught that takes claims Kevin Hearn late in the video. But, "Odds Are" they'll be alright...

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When FANTOMAS first hit the scene with 1999's self-titled entry into the world of the avant-garde, many questioned the longevity of the supergroup comprised of MIKE PATTON (FAITH NO MORE, MR. BUNGLE), BUZZ OSBORNE (MELVINS), TREVOR DUNN (MR.BUNGLE, SECRET CHIEFS 3), and DAVE LOMBARDO (SLAYER).

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It's almost October, and CASTLEVANIA certainly sounds good right about now. It's been years since I've played a CASTLEVANIA Game, but the NES and SNES titles made a lifelong impact on me. Now, this news that Konami and Sumthing Digital have partnered for a series of soundtracks based on CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW has my interest renewed. Check out the details below...

This should probably be in my "For Grownups" section here on The Rock Father, but since these are technically toys, I'm rolling with it right here. After announcing his autobiography for November, coinciding with the release of the second film about his life, Action 4 News Anchorman RON BURGUNDY has revealed that he will now be immortalized in action figure form, with a December release planned.

Earlier tonight, THE OFFICIAL BLUES BROTHERS REVUE kicked-off it's 2013/2014 Tour with a show in Danville, Kentucky. It should've started here in Illinois, because it's The Blues Brothers... Joilet Jake and Elwood Blues... a duo synonymous with Chicago! But, it's ok that they started out in the south this time around, because it's a good place to brush up in case they find themselves playing another BOB'S COUNTRY BUNKER gig somewhere down the road. 

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Oddly enough, it was almost exactly one month ago when we last caught up with METROPOLIS AMERICA, when the Philly New Wavers last dropped some FREE MUSIC for the masses. Now, the band is back with "A Stolen Heart in a Stolen Car," a brand-new FREE DOWNLOAD, and they've released a music video to go along with it. Check it out below...

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