archercoverStraight out of Perth, Australia comes ARCHER & LIGHT, who are delivering their first-ever music video this week for their song, "Melbourne (I Used to Be Your All)." The band cites Bright Eyes, Bon Iver, Wilco, The Temper Trap, Death Cab for Cutie and Radiohead among their influences as they blend indie rock with folk, pop and electronica on their debut EP, OUR LOVE IS CONFETTI (available on iTunes now). Check out the video below and let me know what you think...

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Once in awhile I get something that lands here at Rock Father HQ and I find myself puzzled on where to put it. I have a lot of coverage area on the site, but even here in the "For Grownups" section, I'm sometimes stumped. In this case, I don't have a section for Dance, but here I am sharing with you some videos from New York's KEIGWIN + COMPANY. The reason? My wife is a MASSIVE fan of PROJECT RUNWAY, and the latest video features fashion designer AUSTIN SCARLETT, whose work my wife very much enjoys.

I was lucky to see NIRVANA on their IN UTERO Tour when it came through Davenport, Iowa on October 22, 1993. I also remember catching their famed LIVE AND LOUD performance when it initially aired on MTV in an amended, New Year's Eve presentation, and being bummed to learn that what they presented was not even half of the full show. Now, 20 years later, that LIVE AND LOUD performance will be seen in it's entirety when it arrives on DVD next Tuesday (pre-order via Walmart), alongside a massive IN UTERO reissue collection (full details posted here). Get a taste with NIRVANA's performances of "Scentless Apprentice" (one of my favorites) and "Heart-Shaped Box" below....

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If you're not one of the 32,283,281 people that have viewed "The Fox" by YLVIS on YouTube, then I ask: What are you waiting for? For those that have witnessed the song and video in all of it's majesty, you'll be happy to know the the song has just arrived on iTunes (go there, buy it now and The Rock Father will make a few pennies on the deal!) so you can bump it in the car, the boat, the woods, or wherever your mobile music device may roam. If you've been left out of the YLVIS craze, quite simply: they're like THE LONELY ISLAND, but Norwegian. Yes, the land that brought us Black Metal masters like BURZUM, GORGOROTH, IMMORTAL and EMPEROR, has now given the world a dose of glorious pop-comedy.

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Monday, September 16 2013 21:50

Watch: THE BEARDS perform at World Beard Day

Some people consider my long and luxurious goatee to be a "beard." That's cool if that's your thing, but I have rocked a full beard on occasion... just not recently. And while I won't be taking part in Movember (never do), I may well celebrate my own holiday of Goatober in a couple of weeks. I mean, if THE BEARDS can perform at an event called World Beard Day, surely the goatee needs a day or month, right? Check out THE BEARDS' Beard-riffic performance in it's entirety below...

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Released elsewhere in the World nearly a year ago, SILENT MACHINE, the full-length debut from Australia's TWELVE FOOT NINJA has quietly been available via iTunes in the 'States despite having no "official" U.S. release. That changes on October 1, when SILENT MACHINE gets a physical release in the United States (complete with a pair of acoustic bonus tracks) and the band hits the road with PERIPHERY, BORN OF OSIRIS, and DEAD LETTER CIRCUS. Having had the original digital version of the album here at Rock Father HQ for quite awhile, I feel like I've been holding out by not sharing some words on it yet. Why, you ask? Because, I have experienced the SILENT MACHINE, and oh, what a glorious machine it is...

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