Halloween31 Days of DEATH WALKS THE STREETS: Day 3 - After my co-writer Ben Brezinski and I regained our freedom at the end of 2007, we set out to go a different route with the DWTS project, penning an all-new comic book prequel that was set a few years before the first screenplay, setting up the events of the MASSIVE world we'd created. Some were even calling it "the STAR WARS of horror," and in many ways, that was probably an unconscious (or conscious) template. Now, we'd never done comics before, and since neither of us were artists, we had to hire a crew for the costly job of making our stories into reality, and we wound up with a team that included Guilherme Balbi (Dark Horse Comics' PREDATORS, DC Comics' SUPERBOY), Kurt Hathway (JUSTICE LEAGUE), Javier Tartaglia (ETERNAL DESCENT, Marvel's FANTASTIC FOUR, AVENGERS), and Milen Parvanov (RESIDENT EVIL, GRIMM FAIRY TALES) among others.  All said and done, DEATH WALKS THE STREETS #0 was released to much fanfare at the Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con in 2008, with a Wizard-exclusive variant cover by Mark Kidwell (BUMP, '68) and ended up being named "a must-have variant" by Comics Buyer's Guide.  We released one more issue (the Halloween issue) before the publisher ceased operations. Talk about luck. One cool thing that the DWTS comics did have? A great theme song by Australian rapper KidCrusher. Grab it as a FREE DOWNLOAD below and add it to your 2014 Halloween Music Playlist...

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NEIGHBORSOn September 23, Universal Studios Home Entertainment will release NEIGHBORS on Blu-ray and DVD. The comedy about a pair of new parents clashing with a local fraternity scored big with audiences, and while SETH ROGEN and ZAC EFRON may have scored top billing on the box, audiences love ROSE BYRNE. That said, Universal and THE ROCK FATHER have teamed-up for a NEIGHBORS Giveaway in which one (1) lucky reader will take home the Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD Combo Pack. Enter to win, and check out a special feature on why Rose Byrne is a nearly universal "girl crush" below.

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The Rock Father is a 2014 Member of the NETFLIX Stream TeamAfter kicking around for over a decade, TRAILER PARK BOYS are back for an eighth season, this time as a NETFLIX Original. Bubbles, Ricky and Julian - perhaps Canada's best-known trailer-dwelling misfits  - just stopped by JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! last night to discuss the new season of the show, along with the highlight of their West Coast jaunt, meeting Bigg Snoop Dogg himself.

Check out a clip from Kimmel, along with the TRAILER PARK BOYS Season 8 Trailer below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER: #ForGrownups...

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National Lemonade Day is tomorrow (August 20), and for those of you looking to celebrate with a rockin' lemonade with a little extra kick, the folks at Hornitos® Tequila have just the thing. They hit THE ROCK FATHER with a special recipe #ForGrownups, one that just might be "the ultimate adult lemonade" - the EL PADRE. With the quick and simple recipe I'm sharing with you below, you should be able to break out a classic spiked lemonade at home.

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#ForGrownups: I almost started the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide tonight. Almost. Very tempting, because this is the type of thing that goes well as a gift - so well that the folks at Activision even dropped the word "Holiday" into their announcement, as "upping the ante this Holiday" season. When you think about it, November pretty much is a holiday for COD enthusiasts - myself included, as it's the one game I indulge in like clockwork once a year. On November 4, it happens again with the release of CALL OF DUTY: ADVANCED WARFARE, and today comes news of three special editions... The Atlas Pro Edition and Atlas Limited Edition (available for pre-order while supplies last) and the Digital Pro Edition that will be available for pre-order at a later date. Full details follow.

Independence Day... The 4th of July... Americans dig their celebrations, and along with it, the grownups in the crowd do enjoy a tasty beverage on occasion, myself included... from time to time. I've featured a few brews here on THE ROCK FATHER in the past, and while I've covered beer and wine, I don't think I've ever covered whiskey in the past, but that changes today with some news that landed here at Rock Father HQ about AMERICAN BORN MOONSHINE. See, as a kid - my knowledge of runnin' moonshine came courtesy of the Duke boys - yep, THE DUKES OF HAZZARD - who were known to toss some of Uncle Jesse's signature recipe in the trunk of their bright orange Dodge Charger, and proceed to run from the law a bit. So why AMERICAN BORN MOONSHINE now? Because the makers officially enter California today... the 4th of July... and they've got a massive event schedule spread across the State.

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