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If you think you've heard about this one before, you're correct. Way back in 2004 - years before becoming "The Rock Father," I was working regularly in television and film, and pretty much dropped everything to focus on bringing one of my own visions to the big screen - a genre-bending crime/horror hybrid called DEATH WALKS THE STREETS (DWTS). The tagline was a big hook - "Vampires. Demons. Zombies. Werewolves. The Mob." - and what followed was a few years of absolute craziness that saw the in-development film and its two planned sequels (one was written) get coverage in major media, get nominated for a Spike Scream Award for "Most Anticipated Film" (a category sponsored by Hot Topic) and the ahead-of-their-time video "making-of" video podcasts get nominated for an Emmy, all while casting was tackled, set/costume/prop design was completed, and special FX tests were underway. Sadly, the project fell apart due to a massive storm of "circumstances beyond our control" for my co-writer and I, but the plus side is that a prequel comic book series took shape in the years that followed. 

12 years into the DWTS journey, there's still new friends discovering the DWTS world for the very first time, and in the eight years since the first comic was published, new readers have been enjoying and experiencing our stories on a weekly basis. For Halloween, we're inviting YOU to experience DEATH WALKS THE STREETS through a FREE DOWNLOAD of DWTS #0 and DWTS #1 (the Halloween issue!) via Noisetrade Books!

Now, what's strange about the comics is that even they weren't immune by some weirdness. After making a big splash with a Wizard World debut and a variant cover that was called a "must-have variant" by Comics Buyer's Guide, the books racked-up some solid (and rave) reviews and coverage from the likes of AICN, Newsarama and more. Published under both "The Scream Factory" (an unrelated company to Shout! Factory's horror arm) and FANGORIA Graphix (the second iteration of FANGORIA Magazine's Comic Book offshoot), both publishers folded, leaving the second half of the series waiting for completion.

DEATH WALKS THE STREETS #0: Trio - Kicking off much like the pilot episode of a TV series, DEATH WALKS THE STREETS #0 thrusts readers right into the action in the City of New Marshall. Michael Labou, along with friends Danielle Dante and Malcolm McDermot officially work for IBVM Union Local 666. Unofficially, they're pawns in a much larger game controlled by an International crime syndicate known only as "the organization." When a person of interest suddenly disappears, the trio finds themselves called upon by their employer to track down the man, and bring him in for a face-to-face with local boss Dominick Savini. They soon learn that Peter Moore is being hunted by both man and beast.Meanwhile, a political storm begins brewing, and an ancient enemy returns to walk the streets of New Marshall.

DEATH WALKS THE STREETS #1: A New Marshall Fall - It's Halloween in New Marshall, and for one night of the year, ancient evil takes flight and goes largely unnoticed. While Michael, Malcolm, and Danielle are called upon to oversee an event at the Vetala Theatre, the organization is thrown into an uproar as Dominick begins making local plans that could have global consequences. Meanwhile, Palmer informs Michael of a potentially dangerous political issue; The Old Man begins a search for something that shouldn't be found; a supernatural murder/suicide takes place; and things get more than a little violent...

25505 344760059439 6011189 nAs I've mentioned before, while DEATH WALKS THE STREETS was once plagued with setbacks throughout it's run, it's never been dead - and it manages to spring to life every few months - an oddity that's never stopped, and has only increased of late. A few times a year, I still get inquiries from folks looking to buy the rights, but it's never been the right time. What I can say is something that I've always said and still maintain...


While there is no ETA, no release dates to reveal, nothing currently being worked on, new comics and graphic novels will one day arrive. The next chapter already exists in pencil form, just awaiting colors and lettering before being set free into the world. 

Beyond that, there are all of those comic scripts and screenplays still sitting around - not collecting dust, but safely tucked away in a crypt awaiting the right moment... the right recipe that will help to put them out there properly so that we can finally share the entire story. If you'd like to explore more, click here to start digging - but if that's not enough to quench your thirst, there will be a permanent DWTS section added to this very website in the near future, a full archive of materials from the beginning of the project until the present.


Stay tuned for more on the original "DWTS" - just watch out for DANCING WITH THE STARS! 

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