On October 14, two-time GRAMMY nominee Justin Roberts will release his 13th family music album, LEMONADE. “It's the musical equivalent of an impromptu lemonade stand popping up in the summer heat,” says Roberts about the new record, and today we're giving you a first-look at the music video for the title track, right here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine. A sweet and cheery number, "Lemonade" carries its summery-vibe right into fall. Gather the kids and have a look and listen...

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"I was taken aback, to say the least," says Drummer GERALD DOWD about the moment he realized that he'd soon become a Father for the very first time. "Panic set in first. Then panic turned into pragmatism, which finally became complete, unconditional love when my brand-spanking-newborn son, lying under the hospital baby broaster, squeezed my finger. 'Been a fatherhood junkie ever since!" Now, the Chicago-based drummer of JUSTIN ROBERTS' band (THE NOT READY FOR NAP TIME PLAYERS) is working on a solo album of his own, and talking about being a fellow "Rock Father" just ahead of Rock Father's Day 2014.

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The nominees for the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards were announced yesterday, and as such it's come time to talk a little bit about their "Children's" category (which would be more aptly titled "Family" at this point). I have mixed feeling about the GRAMMYs overall, me being in the camp of people that finds the overall award system to be archaic, out-of-touch, and largely irrelevant. The nominees are often a crapshoot, and the winners... well, sometimes you have circumstances like the infamous upset of 1988 where JETHRO TULL's CREST OF A KNAVE beat out METALLICA's ...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL in the Hard Rock/Metal category, or how certain "older" artists seem to win a GRAMMY based simply on the fact that they released an album that year (check out the archives). While I've only been involved in the family music scene for a few years now (and for the past two, a judge for the Fids & Kamily Music Awards), I can say that the nominees for the Children's category can be equally curious, yet I'm certainly happy for everyone that finds themselves nominated. Here's my thoughts on the 2014 Children's GRAMMY Nominees... and who should win.

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While I've already featured some great family-friendly music during 31 Days of Halloween 2013 here on The Rock Father, today we're going to expand that playlist by nine... but only if you act fast! From now through Sunday (the 20th), you can grab a FREE DOWNLOAD of a Kindie Rocktober Halloween Playlist featuring tracks by TROUT FISHING IN AMERICA (again?), KEY WILDE & MR. CLARKE, DAVID TOBOCMAN, JUSTIN ROBERTS, HEIDI SWEDBERG and the SUKEY JUMP BAND, MISTER G, BOXTOP JENKINS (again?), LLOYD H. MILLER, and THE POP UPS. Stream the songs below, then grab the downloads from this page...

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Chicago's JUSTIN ROBERTS is getting ready to hit the road with the NOT READY FOR NAPTIME PLAYERS for a run of Fall Tour Dates in support of the recently-released album, RECESS (read my review here on The Rock Father). Confirmed dates begin on September 7 in San Diego and wrap-up on November 17 in New Jersey. Check 'em out below...

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Monday, July 22 2013 12:04


Recess: The SingleI have a problem with RECESS. No, not the music contained on the new album from Chicago's JUSTIN ROBERTS, but with use of the word "recess." It just might be the most-overused word in the Kindie Rock realm right now... so much so that it's fast-approaching the same level of annoyance that I have for the word "amazing." RECESS is not only the title of Roberts' new album (and a song on the album), but then we have the band RECESS MONKEY... a company called RECESS MUSIC... the opening track on MR STEVE's recent STEVESONGS album was "Recess Rocks," you get the idea. And that's not counting the mainstream music world, where MUSE has a song called "Recess," and then in the hip-hop realm, MISTAH F.A.B. has THE RECESS. Yep, "recess" has officially joined songs with "stinky" and variations on "Five Little Monkeys" (I've heard 666 of those this year alone) as something that really grinds my gears like Peter Griffin. Recess is over. So how about that new Justin Roberts album?

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