Pete The Cat has become a hit for Amazon, and now it's getting a dose of holiday cheer. Pete The Cat: A Very Groovy Christmas features all-new Christmas music from Dave Matthews and Jason Mraz, among others. Based on the popular book series, Pete The Cat: A Very Groovy Christmas features the voices of Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, Jessica Biel, and Jacob Tremblay, and will begin streaming on November 20 in the U.S. and UK. Check out the trailer below...

The music of the DAVE MATTHEWS BAND has been given the lullaby treatment several times in the past, and this week a new collection hits digital retailers. Following their 2011 LULLABY VERSIONS OF DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, the folks at Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star are serving up LULLABY VERSIONS OF DAVE MATTHEWS BAND: VOLUME 2.  The latest installment brings 12 new versions of DMB hits into your baby's nursery in all-new, "lush intrumental versions." Check out the tracklisting and cover art below.

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Rock Band will officially turn five years old on November 20th, and while I anticipate some sort of celebration, they weekly DLC just keeps coming. This week, DAVE MATTHEWS BAND brings a trio of hits to the Rock Band platform, with songs arriving for Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz, tomorrow. Harmonix hit The Rock Father with the details, all of which can be found below.

It's hard for me not to be just a little bit silly when reviewing Lullaby Renditions of DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, the latest offering from the Rockabye Baby! collection of nursery-ready pop and rock tunes. I actually find Dave and his band of musical merry-men to be tolerable and quite good musically, yet I've never been a fan. Not once have I ever thought to myself, ''Yep, I need to go put on some Dave Matthews Band right now!'' Never happened. Never will. My wife, on the other hand - big, big fan. That means I get to take shots at the DMB for my own amusement from time to time.

This Tuesday, Rockabye Baby! will release their LULLABY RENDITIONS OF DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, and if you'd like a little taste for free, we'll you're in luck! The label is offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of Satellite, which you can snag via the TopSpin widget below. Enter your email, and a nursery-style version of the DMB hit will arrive momentarily.

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My wife is really excited about this.  As a big fan of the DAVE MATTHEWS BAND (can't say I am), she's looking forward to the March 6th release of LULLABY RENDITIONS OF DAVE MATTHEWS BAND by ROCKABYE BABY!. Since the new ''new release" we're expecting in June is another girl, I'd suspect she'll be able to swoon in the nursery to the mellow sounds of the DMB, far away from those college boys in backwards baseball caps, Abercrombie & Fitch button-downs, and GAP cargo shorts. That said, The Rock Father has a stream of Crash Into Me from the new Rockabye Baby! record below. Check it out, and pre-order yours from their official site if ya dig.

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