Could Harmonix really be releasing the "next-gen" version of ROCK BAND this year? Rumors have been swirling since last fall that ROCK BAND 4 (though that may not be the title) is in-the-works, and last week it appeared that the waters were being tested when the ROCK BAND Music Store on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 "sprung to life" after nearly two years of dormancy following the final DLC release back in April of 2013 (which I wrote about here). New tracks from AVENGED SEVENFOLD and ARCTIC MONKEYS arrived for ROCK BAND alongside FOO FIGHTERS' "Something From Nothing" (aka the "Chicago" song from SONIC HIGHWAYS), presented in the classic vocals/guitar/bass/drums format of earlier releases. So the question is... do YOU want a new ROCK BAND game? And if so, would you make your voice heard? 

FOO FIGHTERS have been all about Chicago lately, rocking The Cubby Bear this past Friday to celebrate the debut of their HBO mini-series, SONIC HIGHWAYS - a series rooted in Chicago, with Dave Grohl's first concert having taken place at The Cubby Bear (it was NAKED RAYGUN). Now, ahead of the November release of their new album (pre-order on Amazon or iTunes), the official video for "Something From Nothing" has arrived - combining traditional music video performance with the typography seen in so many lyric videos of late. See it below...

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After releasing LULLABY VERSIONS OF FOO FIGHTERS back in 2009, the crew over at Roma Music Group have just released LULLABY VERSIONS OF FOO FIGHTERS VOLUME 2, serving up a second dozen songs originally performed by Dave Grohl and Co., each re-worked into a nursery-friendly jam for baby. Having already covered NIRVANA back in 2011, perhaps a Lullaby Version of PROBOT should be cooked up? Check out "Walk" and the full tracklisting below.  

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As first mentioned here on The Rock Father in early July, September will mark the 20th Anniversary of NIRVANA's 1993 album, IN UTERO. As with BLEACH and NEVERMIND before it, IN UTERO will see a celebratory reissue in several configurations. Of even greater interest to many (myself included) is the full release of the 1993 LIVE & LOUD concert from Seattle. Check out the full specs below...

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What if THE BEATLES would've altered course to create an album called "DADDY ROAD?" What if Dave Grohl had opted not for his band to be the FOO FIGHTERS, but the more fecal-focused POO FIGHTERS? These are questions explored over at Dad On the Run's blog this week as he reworks some classic album covers into baby-inspired versions.

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You know what I just realized? ROCK BAND has 4,134 songs available for in-game play as of this writing. That's an insane amount of tracks available for a game series that's already over five years old. As always, they've got new DLC hitting this Tuesday, and those browsing the ROCK BAND Music Store can look forward to new tracks from MAROON 5 featuring CHRISTINA AGUILERA, FOSTER THE PEOPLE, and FOO FIGHTERS. I've got the full details right here on The Rock Father below, along with details on last weeks additions (ANDREW W.K., fun., PINK, etc.) since I missed them with the turn of the New Year.

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