Preschoolers love games - a fact I know well with one active preschooler here at Rock Father HQ. Even better? When those games get the little ones movin', and the folks at Hasbro Gaming have a new entry to their popular Elefun and Friends line that will do just that. His name is CHASIN' CHEEKY, and Hasbro and The Rock Father are giving readers a chance to score one for their own playtime adventures!

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Animal of THE MUPPETSNow this is cool. As a guy that has a Kermit the Frog plush in his office (along with a few Muppets action figures) and lives fully-immersed in music, the idea of letting kids build their own MUPPET band is right up my alley. After all, DR. TEETH AND THE ELECTRIC MAYHEM are legendary, commanding respect from music lovers of all-ages, right? Well, Disney Interactive has launched MY MUPPETS SHOW, a Freemium App (Free to download, with in-app purchases available) for iOS and Android. Check out the full details below...

suffdeckPACIFIC RIM is not quite a runaway success in the U.S. just yet, but the Guillermo del Toro sci-fi film is a Global success. As the movie continues to grow legs, the folks at WizKids/NECA along with MFV have launched a new card game App that brings PACIFIC RIM into the popular world of SHUFFLING THE DECK. The Shuffling the Deck: Pacific Rim Edition is available as of today for the iPad, FREE on the App Store

I really dig pinball. It's an itch that I don't often get to scratch, and I figure that's largely due to the lack of proper arcades in 2013. As a kid that grew up in the 1980s, I threw down more than my fair share of quarters in the dimly-lit confines of ALADDIN'S CASTLE. In fact, as an adult, I've always wanted to own a really killer pinball machine (not sure where I'd put one), but maybe I'm overdue. When I woke up this morning, I had no idea that my love of pinball would be refueled - and I certainly had no intention of blogging about it. What happened this afternoon is that while taking the girls to Kristof's Entertainment Center in Round Lake Beach,  I accidentally came across the just-released METALLICA Pro Pinball Machine that Stern Pinball put out, and there was no way I could pass up the chance to sacrifice a few bucks to the pinball Gods. Give me Fuel... Give me Fire... Give me that which I desire...

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Disney INFINITY looks dangerously cool. I say dangerously, because there's some time and money to be invested here, and I have a feeling that it could become a fixture here at Rock Father HQ this summer. Yesterday, the folks at Disney Interactive hit me with all the details on the fourth play set for Disney INFINITY, one based on the world of CARS. Need I say that Addie will probably love this?

I didn't get a chance to post about it earlier this month, but the news we've been expecting has finally arrived: Weekly ROCK BAND DLC is ending as of April 2. I've gotta say, this saddens me, even though it's long overdue. ROCK BAND has enjoyed an incredible run, with over five years past the release of the first ROCK BAND game, which happened to have been the reason why I got an XBOX 360 in the first place. I have some great ROCK BAND memories that I'll share at another time, but until the last track arrives in April, I'll keep updating on what's set to hit on DLC. This Tuesday, tracks from THE FLYS, QUEENSRYCHE, and STAIND will be available.

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