After making their debut in Canada last month, Spin Master Toys' SICK BRICKS have officially launched in the United States, putting a new and unique spin on the toy/game crossovers we've been seeing of late. Those familiar with SKYLANDERS and DISNEY INFINITY will know the basic gist - physical toys and figures somehow make the jump into the digital realm as playable characters in a video game. For Sick Bricks, it's 3D Optical Beaming Technology that takes the real-world collectible figures and places them firmly into a wacky, digital world rooted solely in Mobile Gaming for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store). "Get Sucked Into the Game!" is the Sick Bricks mantra, and it's completely valid. What's interesting here is that these "figures" are actually mix-and-match pieces that are compatible with "major brands" of building bricks. That means that while there's individual characters and playsets available from Spin Master, your Sick Bricks will have no problem infiltrating your LEGO, Mega Bloks or KRE-O worlds.

A noble effort presented with flawed execution, UNPLUG & PLAY! 50 GAMES THAT DON'T NEED CHARGING is author Brad Berger's attempt at bringing friends and family together for some old-fashioned fun that's devoid of "screens." Released last year by Keller International Publishing (of which Berger is President), we've had a review copy floating around here for months, and my hesitation to write about it can be pointed toward the fact that it's just not that exciting or fun.

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BungeesIf the success of properties like SKYLANDERS have taught us anything, it's that kids love to "collect" the forces that make up their games. It's nothing new, really, but the collector mentality now finds it's way into Flick-to-Stick Bungees - a new "competitive strategy game" that will include nearly 100 figures in the months ahead. The elements that form the core of Bungees owe a lot to past crazes like MAGIC: THE GATHERING, POKEMON and POGS. Cards... figures... disks... they're all here, but this is a bit different. Through the magic of magnets, the Bungees stick to everything - the game board, the cards, and the disks - and there's multiple gameplay options. In the beginning, it all comes back to the flicking, and that will lead to the sticking...

Once in awhile, I get something interesting and unexpected submitted for review here at Rock Father HQ, an item unique enough that it really stands on it's own. One recent offering? SPLASH CARDS by Winning Moves Games. Now, Winning Moves is the company known for their sweet re-issues of Retro Games like Ouija, Trouble, and the classic Rubik's Cube - but Splash Cards are something new, a very simple idea that works really well. Waterproof, lightweight, floating, washable playing cards and card games, perfect for the tub or pool. The two sets they sent us: SPLASH PALS and SPLASHIMALS.

Tuesday, April 08 2014 21:47

Is Your Child Ready for the Next Grade?

With my oldest daughter about to enter kindergarten this Fall, I'm constantly thinking about it... and wondering if she's ready. No matter how much we do, no matter how prepared I think we are, I don't know. I hope she's ready, but I tend to worry about such things. Now it's on my mind once more, as some news hit my inbox from Lakeshore Learning, who will release a new series of games called the Are You Ready? Game Show on April 15.. This series is aimed at helping kids Kindergarten through Fifth Grade prevent summer learning loss, while helping their grownups be aware of what skill areas need work. Check out the video below...

Thursday, January 16 2014 22:55

Review: The FUNNY OR DIE Game (Hasbro)

Recommended for ages 13+, the FUNNY OR DIE game from Hasbro comes with a stern warning that it includes "images of extreme stunts that should not be recreated, mild nudity, and other content that might be offensive to some players." So, I did what any good "Rock Father" should, and proceeded to play it with a four-year-old... albeit in a slightly amended form. That's in addition to a few New Years rounds played "grownup-style," so I can give you a first-hand account of how it's meant to be played.

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