During my "big box retail" phase of the mid-late 90s, there were a few of us who would, on occasion, replace a certain baby in one of our display Nativity sets with Yoda. His size was just about right to replace the manger and all, and surprisingly, I don't think there were ever any complaints - it was like an "Easter Egg" hidden within the seasonal department. Fast forward two decades and much has changed, but the Nativity has remained largely untouched - though someone did pitch me a zombie version last year that was sadly unsuccessful in its Kickstarter phase. But, for 2016, there is something new! Behold, the "Modern Nativity," aka "Millennial Nativity" aka the "Hipster Nativity." 

"Hipsters and Movember killed The Mustache Movement." I tweeted that statement on January 12, 2013 after seeing yet another baby product cross my path emblazoned with a mustache (or "moustache" for the extra-hip folk). I'm tired of seeing mustaches added to random crap, especially baby products. It's not funny or cute. 

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To this day, whenever I hear about THE SHINS, I immediately think of the movie GARDEN STATE. I'm not even a huge fan of the band or movie (like 'em, just never have the urge to experience them again), but my wife loves both, so the connection is there. Of course I'm only discussing this now because the folks at Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star just sent over word that they've released LULLABY VERSIONS OF THE SHINS. Check out the tracklisting and Zach Braff-homaging cover art below, then hit this link to snag the album on iTunes. 

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