After a digital run last year, Lion Forge's ROAR Comics has teamed-up with IDW to issue a full-length graphic novel edition of SAVED BY THE BELL Vol. 1. Yes, it's 112 pages of action set at Bayside High School, all collected in trade paperback form, and geared toward young readers, ages 8-12. I wonder if ZACK ATTACK is back to rock the stage in this one? Check out a preview below!

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Netflix #StreamTeamThis week, my friends at Netflix released the results of a new survey that was conducted this Spring among subscribers of the streaming service in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, France, and of course, the US. The statistics that their new poll revealed have been reflected in the virtual pages of THE ROCK FATHER Magazine since day one, and in my Netflix columns since I joined the Stream Team just over a year ago: What's old is new again.  In fact,  85% of the dads surveyed said that they'd either planned to introduce their children to the shows they grew up on, or that they've done so already. For the modern generations, pop culture is the new "family heirloom," and it's being "passed down" by parents - dads and moms alike. That's certainly the case right here at Rock Father HQ.

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Growing up, I never had any of the classic Mego figures - the 8" dolls with real cloth clothing based on pop culture icons of the time. I did have the 3¾" DUKES OF HAZZARD figures that Mego produced, but that was toward the end of their run, when lines like STAR WARS and G.I. JOE were hitting a new generation of kids like me with what would become the most popular format of pocket-sized figures. But for that generation before me, those 8" dolls were a huge deal, and they've stayed popular for decades, resulting in their revival through companies like EMCE Toys, Diamond Select Toys, Mattel and Figures Toy Company. I recently came across a commercial for a 1970s collection of BATMAN vehicles and playsets that's pretty fantastic. Four decades before Ben Affleck would don the cape and cowl to chase down a Lamborghini-driving Jared Leto as THE JOKER, kids were rockin these pretty sweet toys that were largely based on the 1966 BATMAN series and later cartoons...

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Game Review: Classic CANDY LAND

The folks at Winning Moves have really been carrying the torch for classic board games these past few years, and one of their most recent releases is also one of the most familiar. After crafting modern re-issues of several timeless favorites that we have here in the game closet at Rock Father HQ (Pop-O-Matic Trouble, Yahtzee, Sorry!, Ouija, among others), their classic edition of CANDY LAND presents the game in the form that a lot of old folks grownups like myself remember it - even going back a generation or two beyond my own, reproducing the original artwork in vibrant color, with the plastic gingerbread game pieces ready to traverse the road to "Home Sweet Home," while avoiding the perils of the Cherry Pitfall and Molasses Swamp.

It's no secret that I have fond memories of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS from the original cartoon series and its accompanying toy line from Hasbro back in the 1980s. My wife and I have both enjoyed sharing some of those old episodes with our daughters, and just recently we picked up the first issue of the new JEM comic book from IDW Publishing. I've been writing about the forthcoming live-action JEM movie for what seems like a really long time, and today the first real look at it has arrived in the form of the first trailer and theatrical poster.  Check them out below, and then I'll share some of my own thoughts on it...

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Thursday, November 20 2014 23:06

Preview: VH1 Goes Back to 1995 with HINDSIGHT

Now this is interesting... VH1 has HINDSIGHT, a new (thankfully) scripted series making it's debut on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 10pm ET/PT. What piqued my interest? Time travel and the 1990s. That was a great decade (met my wife in '97), so the prospect of seeing a new series set in that period is appealing to me, if only for a nostalgia trip. The extended first-look (embedded below) features music from the SPIN DOCTORS, ACE OF BASE, HADDAWAY and EMF, while containing nods to THE BLACK CROWES, SNOOP DOGGY DOGG and FRIENDS. Check it out...

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