Every Fall since 2008, I have written about my love for the General Mills Monster Cereals. No matter where those words have been penned, I have always included one, simple request for General Mills... a request that I included last September, right here on The Rock Father: Bring back the "Retro" Boxes.  I'm a Monster Cereal fiend... so much so that I still have a dwindling private stash from last year, and when I tweeted about that stash while munching some BOO-BERRY back on August 5, this happened... 

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You know how you always see these parenting blogs that ask questions like "What is the appropriate age for...?" Yes, like that STAR WARS piece I took part in. So what's the appropriate age to expose your children to Joe Dante's 1984 masterpiece, GREMLINS? Am I seriously asking this question? Not really, but I do know that when it originally was released, I wasn't quite 8, and my sister had just turned four. We saw it on the big screen at the late Lincoln Mall Cinema in Matteson, Illinois, and after the destruction of Stripe at the end [oops, SPOILER!], I didn't eat American Cheese for awhile.

HASBRO's G.I. JOE and TRANSFORMERS lines are legendary. For a kid like me (I'm 36), the combined punch of the original animated series' and the seemingly never-ending stream of new toys made a major impact. Throw in a third factor - the monthly comic books published by MARVEL - and the adventure was truly a transmedia experience before "transmedia" was even a word. With no VOD, DVD, BD or even VHS (for us), the troops of COBRA and 'JOE would find their battles fought regularly via imagination, with our backyard swingset (the old "T" shaped variety) standing in for G.I. JOE headquarters and Cobra's TERROR DROME. Occasionally, there would be crossovers... with representatives of the Autobots and Decepticons joining the skirmish (with an occasional STAR WARS figure, too).

I'm 36 years old... and for 27 (or so) of those 36 years, I have been able to Experience the Challenge of Endless Adventure. I'm speaking of a quest that's been permanently held within a gold plastic case... always waiting to be experienced again. It's THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. Now, filmmaker Joe Granato is exploring the legacy and transmedia influence of the 8-bit NINTENDO classic in IT'S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE... THE MOVIE. This documentary is already in-production, but there's a Kickstarter* going right now that... I hesitate to say this, but probably won't be fully-funded as it's sitting with just $12K of it's $50K budget with less than three days to go. Check out the pitch, and some preview footage below...

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS might be lighting up theater screens right now, but this summer, Diamond Select Toys is taking things back through the ages with their STAR TREK LEGACY Minimates Collection. With a variety of assortments offered as exclusives through specialty retailers and Toys "R" Us, there's a lot to hunt for... and the crew at Diamond Select hit The Rock Father with some fresh packaging shots, and full details on what to find where. Check 'em out below. 

Nearly 14 months have passed since I last mentioned him on The Rock Father, but as of today... our little friend from Tatooine has returned to the Garden here at Rock Father HQ.  The Ceremonial Placement of the Garden JAWA has once again taken place, kicking off the "official" official start of the 2013 Gardening Season for us,  later than last year (which had record heat) as we're still going hot/cold here in Northern Illinois. Our little scavenger is ready to rock and roll, with his garden tools tucked firmly into his bandolier strap, and his hose ready to soak the earth. Even better? Not once has he tried to sell me a stolen droid. "Utini!"

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