When TRANSFORMERS PRIME returned to The Hub for it's third season last week, The Autobots were slapped with the return of an evil force that was brought back from extinction thanks to Shockwave's tinkering in his Decepticon Lab. There, in very JURASSIC PARK fashion, Shockwave used fossilized CNA (Transformers' DNA) to clone one of the great Cybertonian Beasts that once ruled the metallic landscape of the Transformers' home planet. The mighty PREDAKING was quickly sent by his new masters to hunt down and destroy any Autobot that should cross his path. As a kid that grew up on the G1 TRANSFORMERS of the 1980s, I love exposing my little ones to the world of things that are "More Than Meets the Eye," so I was thrilled when the folks from HASBRO had one of their new "Voyager Class" Predaking figures delivered to Rock Father HQ.

TRANSFORMERS PRIME is getting some new blood for Season Three, with TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTERS set for it's premiere March 22 at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT on The Hub. With a new season comes new toys from Hasbro, and The Rock Father has your chance to score one of the new "Voyager Class" figures.

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Since I didn't go to the recent American International Toy Fair in-person, I've digitally received a lot of official info on some great toys for 2013 that I'm still sorting through as time allows. One line I've been wanting to preview for you is the upcoming offerings from Hasbro's MY LITTLE PONY collection. Based on The Hub's hit series, MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, there's a lot of new toys on the way in addition to the Toys "R" Us Exclusives that I previously posted here on The Rock Father.

Thirty years out from the 1980s and everything old is new again. I honestly never thought I'd be sitting here as a parent introducing my children to the same things that I enjoyed as a kid, but flip on The Hub and there they are: CARE BEARS, MY LITTLE PONY, POUND PUPPIES, G.I. JOE, TRANSFORMERS... the Saturday Morning staples, rebooted and enhanced to modern specifications with new stories for a new generation. And then you have STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, a character relaunched a few times, and doing great as the third season of STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE'S BERRY BITTY ADVENTURES is set to premiere this Saturday (2/23) with back-to-back episodes at 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. ET (encores Mondays, 11:30 a.m. ET).

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The DVR is already set here at Rock Father HQ, as my oldest will no doubt be excited for the Season Finale of MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC on The Hub. The action takes place this Saturday, with a special morning marathon capped-off by the Princess Coronation Episode in which Twilight Sparkle will be transformed. The folks from The Hub sent over full details, along with a video preview and a little info on a brand-new episode of LITTLEST PET SHOP which will follow MLP. Check 'em out below!

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I haven't smelled one in years, but I can still "smell" the original STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE dolls from the 1980s. They smelled great, and the new ones don't quite match it. That fact aside, we've been known the watch some STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE on The Hub, and now comes news that Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE: BERRY FRIENDS FOREVER (pre-order here) on DVD March 5. Details below...

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