Back in 1992, the line of KENYA Dolls was released to massive success, delighting African American girls and quickly selling more than 4.8 million dolls. While the line had been dormant since 1996, Kenya is back, and like the original dolls, will be available in three skin tones - light, brown, and dark - allowing girls to find a doll they can say "looks just like me." When the dolls officially relaunch next month, they'll be available in three lines including "My First" (Newborns), "Kenya Classic" (3 years and older) and "Fashion Madness" (Tweens). The latter will have a live-action counterpart called THE ROCKSTAR MADNESS BAND.

I was really excited a few weeks back when I caught wind of a new album from THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE via their social media streams. With October approaching fast, there is no more perfect band for the Fall season - a fact that I've noted in past coverage that I've written for other outlets. TBM is fantastic, and thus I'm really looking forward to the October 9th release of HIDE AND SEEK via Metropolis Records. Tour dates have been announced for Oct-Dec, and you can view those below.

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Thursday, August 09 2012 11:13

Giveaway: EVE TO ADAM Concert Tickets!

A few months back we took part in an EVE TO ADAM ticket Giveaway, and it was so well-received that we're doing it again. The NYC-based band is back on the road in support of CREED, and has partnered with THE ROCK FATHER on a syndicated contest (with several sites) to hook up some readers with tickets to a show near them.

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Texas-based Alaskan metal act TURBID NORTH are hitting the road for THE TRUDGE TOUR, and much as they did last year when I reviewed their debut album (reposted from another site, here), they had one of their operatives hit me up personally to help spread the word. To get said word out there, they took a page from the book of NAVY SEALS and HOT SHOTS with a special video in which the entire Turbid Team is assembled 80's action style. Video and dates below.

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Wednesday, August 01 2012 15:31

PRIMUS releases dates, details, for 3D Tour...

PRIMUS hit The Rock Father with further details and the full run of dates for their forthcoming 3D Fall Tour. In addition to featuring two sets per evening, ''the first-ever traveling 3D-enhanced live musical performance'' will ''provide a one-of-a-kind psychedelic experience, further enhanced by the fact that every show will also feature Quad Surround Sound. Primus teamed with 3D Live from Burbank, CA to create original 3D content for this tour. Audience members will be given 3D glasses in order to fully experience a visual and audio performance like no other.'' Full tour dates are below.

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PRIMUS is hitting the road this Fall for a 'traveling 3D-enhanced' live tour, complete with 'Quad Surround Sound.' While the dates have yet to be announced, the early details landed here at Rock Father HQ this afternoon and can be found below.

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