Toy State Test DriverRadio Controlled vehicles are always a big hit here at Rock Father HQ, and one of our favorites arrived here earlier this year in the form of a Road Rippers "Motor Muscle" 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona. Just in-time for Christmas gift-giving, we've got a companion in our collection with the arrival of the Road Rippers Mobile Command Dodge Challenger from Toy State. Styled after the 2013 Challenger, this thing is a fine-looking ride, and it is fast! If there wasn't six inches of snow on the ground and some sub-zero wind chills, we'd be rockin' this thing outside for a proper road test. While it's cold outside, we've still been burning a little rubber on the laminate, and once you see this thing, I think you'll agree that it's a must-have gift this season...

125cpkIt was 1983 when the CABBAGE PATCH KIDS burst onto the National scene with the mass-produced versions of Xavier Roberts' cute creations. I had just turned seven, and my sister was just a few months out from her fourth birthday when Christmas '83 rolled around and sent shoppers into a frenzy - perhaps the first major example of a must-have toy that created absolute chaos in in the toy department. There were tales of people scalping CPK dolls from the trunks of cars... squeezing parents for whatever they could in a pre-eBay world. For my sister and I, we wouldn't get dolls in '83, but would a year later when they were a little easier to come by, but still a hot holiday toy. My doll is named "Ollie," and I still have the little guy. On his tush, he's marked with Roberts' signature, and a little number "84."

125vortexMy first experience with the NERF Vortex Revonix360 Blaster came on September 17, when I joined seven other Chicago-area Parent Bloggers at a Hasbro Hot Toys Lunch. Grownups playing with toys at a nice restaurant (312 Chicago) is always a good thing, but when when of these showed up here at Rock Father HQ last month, all bets were off. Recommended for Ages 8+, this bad boy holds 30 lightweight foam discs that can be fired up to 65' away! And, you can do trick shots like bouncing them off of things. It's surprisingly accurate, and the only blaster that I'm including in my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. Lets just say it could get me into some trouble...

worxtoys125One of the coolest toys to roll in here this season is the Throttle Motorcycle from Worx Toys' EduTech line. Had it been earlier in the year, I would've covered this one in my "Rock Father Rides" section, but the uniqueness of these vehicle has it firmly planted right here in my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. Coming from a company that was founded by a trio of Dads with inquisitive kids, the EduTech line goes beyond a standard plaything and offers kids a genuine educational experience by teaching them about basic functions of the rides they love. In the case of Throttle, we have a speedy motorcycle with a transparent casing that through lights, sounds, and an accompanying book, explores everything from headlights to transmission.

Wednesday, December 04 2013 22:52

Stocking Stuffer: SKWOOSHI

125skwooshiWhat is Skwooshi? That is the big question that was looming here at Rock Father HQ after Irwin Toy, the folks behind this new mystery substance, sent us their new "Car and Train Action Set" for review. On the surface, Skwooshi is some sort of modeling compound that "stretches, molds, and shapes into amazing detail with no mess and will never dry out." In other words, this is not like Play-Doh, nor is it like clay, Gak, or Floam. Or it is? It has properties of all of those, but it's definitely something unique... so much so that it's addictive, and something that I'm recommending as a stocking stuffer in my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. Since explaining this is a bit difficult, I figured that Addie and I would show you a little Swooshi in-action. Watch the video below...

125arielOne of the late arrivals for review here this season at Rock Father HQ has proven to be one of the post popular among my daughters. The My First Disney Princess Under the Sea Surprise Ariel by JAKKS Pacific/Tollytots has already popped up on a few "Hot Toys" lists that I've come across, and after seeing it in use over the past few weeks, it's easy to see why. But there is something to be cautious about here, too.

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