gloriousxmasLike Santa Claus after a good slide down a chimney on Christmas Eve, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY dropped a surprise last month with the release of GLORIOUS CHRISTMAS SONGS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR BLACK LABEL HEART FEEL GOOD

With a 28-month old running around here in The Rock Father™ house, we're always careful to keep danger as far away as possible, and a big part of that has been seeking out the best in all-natural products to use as a course of habit within our daily lives. Having already been a user of their ECOS Free & Clear Laundry Detergent (we buy it at Walmart), I was very excited when I was offered the opportunity to try some other items from EARTH FRIENDLY PRODUCTS.

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HG-Xmas-webReleased this week as a 7" vinyl single limited to just 500 pieces - a festive pressing of 250 green and 250 red - SEASONS BLEEDINGS finds San Diego's HOLY GRAIL crash-landing their sleigh right here.

Fisher-Price is already a popular name here in The Rock Father™ house, so when the UPS man showed up here late one evening last week with a brown box bearing the F-P name, I'm pretty sure that the little one knew immediately that it was for her. Before she even knew what was inside, she was giving the box a hug, so that was a pretty good indicator. What was inside was the new Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo.

There's plenty of reasons why you should check out THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS EVER, the new children's book from author Sergio Liden and illustrator Francesco Orazzini. We'll start with the simple facts that it's bothgood and FREE, but this new holiday tale is also timely, and is being provided to you and your family with the hope that you'll be able to donate a small amount to the National Coalition for the Homeless. Originally intended to be published for the 2011 holidays with a portion of proceeds set aside for the charity, 2 DADS PUBLISHING (Liden along with Zachary Zemby) switched gears to make the book available to as many people as possible, and here's why - in their own words:

weilandxmasSTONE TEMPLE PILOTS frontman SCOTT WEILAND recently released a Christmas album, and there's quite a lot to say about it. Released for the 2011 Holiday season by Softdrive Records via Rhino, THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR is an interesting conversation piece that contains a couple decent renditions of classic tunes alongside some of the most... unique.

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Caillou Tree House (2011, Famosa Toys) Review

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If you've been following along here, then you may already know that CAILLOU has been somewhat of an obsession for my daughter since she was only a few months old. Now, at 28 months - the little one is fully immersed in all-things-Caillou, so she's been getting some of the toys here and there, and loves to have the little guy hanging around as she follows his adventures on Sprout and PBS Kids. Having just come from an early Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa in Michigan, it pains me to have to share with you this review of the new Caillou Tree House by Spain's Famosa Toys. Knowing that a lot of kids are going to be asking for or getting one of these very soon, there's some things you need to watch out for.

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coverkorn1Having first experienced KORN in a live setting during the Reckoning Day Tour with MEGADETH, FEAR FACTORY, and FLOTSAM & JETSAM in 1995, it's somewhat hard to believe that the band has been infiltrating my ears and pummeling my speakers for over 16 years. During that time, the band has evolved, devolved, and faced it's own identity crisis on more than one occasion. Following up the back-to-basics approach of KORN III: REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE comes THE PATH OF TOTALITY, a radical, genre-bending departure that arrives just over a year past their last effort.

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adm jatwAh the holidays... the perfect time to gather with friends and family to curl up on the couch for a viewing of the perennial Christmas classic, JINGLE ALL THE WAY. As Black Friday proved again this year, few things represent Christmas in America as well as chasing through crowds of shoppers to kick some ass in the name of a good deal and a bad-ass toy. Just like Turbo Man.

Being a child of the 80's, the idea of a ''family movie night'' has been something of a distant memory for awhile. All of the major networks at some point featured movies during prime time, and as cable and new media took over, the idea of watching a flick ''live'' on TV kind of went away - as did the gathering aspect for a lot of families. Despite the often negative perceptions toward corporate sponsorships and product placement, Walmart and P&G (Procter & Gamble) have been making an attempt to rekindle the spirit with their own FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT series.

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knockkidAs I've been saying all year, 2011 really is ''The Year that Pop-Punk Strikes Back.'' Alongside quality releases from genre heavyweights like NEW FOUND GLORY, YELLOWCARD, and UNWRITTEN LAW, comes YOUR NAME ALL OVER IT, the debut-ish release from Chicago outfit KNOCKOUT KID. Not to be confused with their self-released effort of the same title, this new EP hit iTunes this week via THC:Music/Rocket Science Ventures.

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immortal2To approach the release of MICHAEL JACKSON - IMMORTAL as just another ''greatest hits'' or ''best-of'' set would be a mistake that more than a few people are destined to make when they see the disc on shelves this holiday season. Released this week in a 27-track collection or as a 20-track ''highlights'' edition, IMMORTAL re-imagines classic songs from every era of Jackson's storied career by drastically shifting arrangements, and crafting a seamless soundtrack for the Cirque du Soleil production based on the legacy of Jackson as a performer.

carltonrecordVANESSA CARLTON takes a guitar-driven indie-rock approach to a pair of Holiday classics included on the release of her HEAR THE BELLS EP (out now via Razor & Tie). Do You Hear What I Hear? and her rendition of JOHN LENNON's Happy Xmas (War is Over) take their place in-between acoustic re-imaginings of the title track, Hear the Bells (originally from her recent RABBITS ON THE RUN album) and her breakthrough hit A Thousand Miles.

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MEGADETH - TH1RT3EN (Album Review)

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MegadethThirteenIt's no secret that I love MEGADETH, and I'll forever be grateful to Dave Mustaine for giving a 16-year-old kid (me) a chance to interview him for a half-hour back in 1993. TH1RT3EN, however I like, but it's definitely notloved. In a lot of ways it reminds me of the feelings I had about YOUTHANASIA when it came out when compared to it's predecessor, COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION... good, but can't help wondering if maybe it could've been better.

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SLIPKNOT - IOWA 10th Anniversary Edition (Review)

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iowareissueI distinctly remember the morning of August 28, 2001. I was in a weird space at the time - technically unemployed, yet I still found myself at Best Buy when the doors opened to score a copy of IOWA, the second album from SLIPKNOTThe Heretic Anthem was already on my computer as a pre-release MP3 at a time when digital singles were still a frightening prospect for the music industry, and having already been hooked by the band's self-titled debut just a couple years prior, I had to get my hands on the new record. A decade later, IOWA still holds up, and remains my favorite release in the SLIPKNOT library of audio domination.

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