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51nrl1cqIL. SL500 AA300 I'm still not quite sure how the KINGS OF LEON became as big as they have, but judging from the little rant that frontman Caleb Followill  embarked on at the 2009 READING FESTIVAL in the UK, the band might be just as confused. Sure, "Sex on Fire" and "Use Somebody" managed to wet the panties of thousands of women around the world, but is the band really that good? With armloads of GRAMMY's, and Victoria's Secret models to be banged, there's certainly signs that fame has caused an inflammation of ego for the Kings. On the other hand, isn't massive acclaim, award statuettes, and being surrounded by women what the rock n roll dream is all about? For the future, just sprinkle in a heavy coke addiction, a couple of crashed cars, an album that bombs, and some internal band turmoil, and the VH1 BEHIND THE MUSIC will be written and ready to roll.

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king giantThose that dig southern-influenced metal with a healthy dose of groove tend to stick with a handful of bands that always pop up in conversation (Down, CoC, etc), seldom finding anything truly new to get excited about. On SOUTHERN DARKNESS (self-released just over a year ago), those ears have a new band to dig, and they go by the name of KING GIANT.

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61EFGNgk3L. SL160 Listening to TELEPHANTASM over the past couple of weeks has been a reminder of just how good a band SOUNDGARDEN was in their prime. While the reunited warriors from the late 80's/early 90's Seattle explosion are performing again, no one knows how their songwriting will hold up if and when they decide to make another record.

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61e56x1cLGL. SL500 AA280 Recorded over the course of five days last month, ATREYU have assembled COVERS OF THE DAMNED, a brief, 5-track collection of cover songs featuring collaborations with members of the bands with whom they will join on the CONGREGATION OF THE DAMNED Tour later this month.

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CardiologyGCCOVERIn many ways, GOOD CHARLOTTE's 2002 single "Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous" has become a self-fulfilling prophecy, as the band's relocation to Los Angeles, and their embrace of the glossy Hollywood lifestyle has in many cases caused their music to take a backseat to brothers Joel and Benji Madden's tabloid-fodder romances with a variety of starlets. Earlier this week, comic Chelsea Handler even used GOOD CHARLOTTE as a punchline when reporting news regarding Joel Madden and fiance Nicole Richie. That said, hopefully GOOD CHARLOTTE can use CARDIOLOGY as an opportunity to remind listeners that they still make music, and turn some of the focus back to their band and away from their personal exploits...

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When the first GUITAR HERO arrived back in 2005, I was one of those people who felt that introducing a generation of impressionable youngsters to the world of music through wielding plastic guitars could be potentially damaging to the future of rock, with potential musicians of the future looking at music as a game as opposed to an art. Five years later, the world of music gaming has gone through numerous changes, and along with that, also changed has been my outlook.

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KJ AD FClowOver the course of the past three decades, KILLING JOKE have established themselves as one of the most highly influential, yet vastly overlooked bands in music.

Having evolved over the years, the musical chameleons have been known by their followers for their forays into the darkest realms of punk rock, goth, industrial, metal, and electronic music. There are different faces of KILLING JOKE, but no matter which incarnation you enjoy, all of them have seemingly appeared within the confines of ABSOLUTE DISSENT (out now in Europe, November 16, 2010 in the U.S.) their latest album, and first for UK-based Spinefarm Records.

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61JbX1SSfaL. SL500 AA300 You'd think that bringing together some of the finest voices in rock to pay tribute to some of the most recognizable songs of all time would make for a must-have album, especially when their backing band is led by a world-class guitarist such as CARLOS SANTANA. Sadly, on GUITAR HEAVEN, said combination yields a payoff that is far less than what the promise would lead you to expect.

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51L1IjAJ6L. SL500 AA300 Listening to JIMMY EAT WORLD takes me back to 2001 every time. I was working in a Sam Goody (R.I.P.) music store, and all the girls swooned for tracks like "The Middle" and "Sweetness." In fact, the entire BLEED AMERICAN (or self-titled if you got it post 9/11) album was a soundtrack for that summer and Fall

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41uFH8TECeL. SL500 AA300 When LINKIN PARK first hit the scene with HYBRID THEORY ten years ago, many automatically tossed the band aside as a part of the growing "nu-metal" movement, which at the time was already showing signs of age. Despite hit singles like "One Step Closer" and "Crawling," the future prospects for the band were highly questionable.

61baLwtDQfL. SL500 AA300 We've spoken at such great length over the past few weeks regarding the 20th Anniversary of PANTERA's landmark 1990 album COWBOYS FROM HELL, that you'd think there'd be nothing left to say. Not the case, as we take a look at the 3-Disc Deluxe Edition of the album, in-stores today via Rhino Records.

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51jhNJL6wfL. SL500 AA300 MAROON 5 will probably have the #1 album in the country by this time next week. Having seemingly recorded the same album for the third time, the Los Angeles band has managed to increase the pop factor with each session, producing consistently safe music aimed at the most mainstream of audiences.

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51sdVI1QO5L. SL500 AA300 Something odd happened last Fall in the world of ROB ZOMBIE. The PR department at GEFFEN/UNIVERSAL had ramped up in preparation for the release of HELLBILLY DELUXE 2: NOBLE JACKALS, PENNY DREADFULS, AND THE SYSTEMATIC DEHUMANIZATION OF COOL and then came the abrupt announcement that Zombie was leaving his longtime label in favor of a deal with ROADRUNNER through their LOUD & PROUD imprint. It doesn't take a genius to tell you that something went down, and while my sources have filled me in on what is best-left-unspoken, you can be sure that one outcome of that divorce was the recent release of ROB ZOMBIE: ICON.

birthday massacreCanadian Synth-rockers THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE are back for a fourth round with PINS & NEEDLES (out September 14th via Metropolis Records). Finding just the right balance between the heavy rock guitars and keyboard-driven grooves, if the band had emerged in the late 80's to mid-90's, they'd likely have been lumped somewhere into the vast "industrial" realm.

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61QJ0rD881L. SL500 AA300 Somewhere in the mid 1990's something happened. Whenever someone would ask me to name my favorite bands, HELMET became a part of that list. First time I saw them live? September 22, 1992 at the Col Ballroom in Davenport, Iowa - opening for FAITH NO MORE on the same day my trial-by-fire in the music business took place.  MEANTIME had just been released, and it was unlike anything I'd ever heard before. There was an energy and a rawness that was unmatched. It was "metal" without being metal, with a no-nonsense punk rock sensibility and a sound so powerful that it made me instantly hungry for more. The guitars were heavy, the bass rumbled, and the drumming was insane. I soon snagged a copy of STRAP IT ON, and a lifelong respect was born.

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