THE ROCK FATHERRock Father vs. Rock Father - When we last met James Zahn and Tom George (read their kick-off stories here), the two Rock Fathers had begun a year-long journey to not only lose weight, but get fit. These two Work-at-Home Dads (and certified Rock and Roll Gangsters) had let time and their jobs take their toll on their personal well-being. Now, nearly two-weeks into their journey, we'll find out how their efforts are paying off. This afternoon, Sunday, January 12, 2014, both men did their weigh-in... and these are the results.

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On January 1st, two "Rock Fathers" began a challenge that will take them through 2014, and if all goes as planned, well beyond. This is a challenge based around not just "weight loss," but fitness... a path to overdue personal transformation and lifestyle change not just for themselves, but for their wives and daughters. Without professional trainers or guidance, this will be a year-long blog series that captures the journey of James Zahn (The Rock Father) and Tom George (FiXT Publicity) with weekly updates about their quest to get fit. There will be experimentation with trial-and-error as each man settles into the plan that works for them. With their journey now just four days-in, let's look at the starting stats...

Published in Health & Fitness

pretracker-03-500EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale
For the health-conscious parent (or parent like me that's trying to drop some pounds), the Precision Tracker Bathroom Scale from EatSmart Products really is a phenomenal piece of technology for the home. Already in use here at Rock Father HQ, this scale is light-years ahead of any other scale we've ever owned previously. The glass-topped unit is exceptionally sleek, reminiscent of an iPad or other tablet, yet it's low-profile rests firmly against your floor. The programmable touch-screen stores user profiles for up to 10 users and enables tracking of weight between sessions.

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