Until this morning, I had no idea that Lionsgate made a movie based on Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel's best-selling book WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING. Indeed, we've got a copy of that book here in the house somewhere, along with two of it's sequels - WHAT TO EXPECT: THE FIRST YEAR, and WHAT TO EXPECT: THE TODDLER YEARS. Making a movie out of a book with no characters and no storyline could've been an interesting task for the screenwriters, but when your main goal is to attach a parenting comedy to a recognizable brand name, I'm sure it was less difficult than it sounds on the surface. With a May 18 release date fast-approaching, the Lionsgate marketing machine is in motion, with a full trailer and a daddy-centric ''Dude's Group'' version making the rounds. Let's take a look...

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Wednesday, March 07 2012 09:35

Hoverboards are expensive...

If you're one of the folks that snagged a pair of NIKE's 2011 MAG shoes last year, there's a good chance that you'd like a MATTEL Hoverboard to go with them. After making a splash on the 'net a couple of months ago when word of the impending Hoverboard release got out, the hot pink skate deck is now up for pre-order. Just as NIKE copped out with the whole ''self-lacing'' feature in stating that ''the technology doesn't arrive until 2015,'' MATTEL is is stating that their non-hovering Hoverboard will only ''glide on most flat surfaces'' due to the technology not being available just yet. So what does a non-hovering Hoverboard cost?

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cars2posterMuch to the delight of children everywhere, DISNEY/PIXAR have finally released CARS 2, the sequel to the 2006 hit that features a host of colorful anthropomorphic autos on a globetrotting adventure. As goes with the territory, there's a merchandise explosion, with nearly every store bursting at the seams with licensed CARS 2 toys, clothing, games, and more. While the film features a female 'lead' of sorts with the purple car HOLLEY SHIFTWELL (voiced by Emily Mortimer) joining the story along with SALLY CARRERA (voiced by Bonnie Hunt) and LIZZIE (voiced by Katherine Helmond) from the original CARS - good luck finding any tie-in merch aimed at little girls.

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