Despite covering news on their toys for quite awhile, PLAYMOBIL is a new thing for us here at Rock Father HQ. As a kid growing up, I always admired the toys but never had any of my own. Now, as a parent, my girls have some, a couple of which came to us direct from the folks at PLAYMOBIL USA for review here on THE ROCK FATHER. The most impressive set that we received is the Playmobil Camp Site (5432) that comes as part of their Summer Fun collection. Recommended for Ages 4-10, this 262-piece set is representative of the detail that Playmobil puts into their sets, allowing children to experience quality, imaginative play in a near-endless world of opportunity. It's real-life at 3-inch scale.

Disney Junior has a massive hit on it's hands with DOC McSTUFFINS, and let me emphasize the word MASSIVE. If the ratings and recent explosion of licensed merchandise weren't enough to solidify that in the minds of everyone (kids or not), the scene at Chicago's Navy Pier yesterday is the living, breathing testament to just how big this show has become. There, thousands of families gathered, waiting for hours in 90-degree+ heat, to let their children take a cruise through Doc McStuffins' Doc Mobile - a custom Airstream Trailer, pulled by a matching truck and decked-out like Doc's "office" with check-up stations and fun activities for all.

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Earlier this week, my little Addie turned four... "just like Caillou," she says. Being the same age as her television and literary hero places her firmly within the same range of curiosity as well, and that's fascinating for me to witness as a parent. When PBS KIDS started running the "new-ish" episodes of CAILLOU this past Spring, one episode really stood out for us... "Caillou Helps Out." In this episode, the lead segment, "Caillou Can Compost," focuses on a day spent with Grandma learning how composting works like a magic trick, transforming garden waste into rich soil that is a welcome addition to any garden. For Addie, it was an greater exploration of something we do right here at home.

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Gardening is a part of our daily routine here at Rock Father HQ. While we've got a lot of basic maintenance-type stuff to do, we occasionally fall into an oddball project, and last month we had one. The removal of The Bush of Doom... and the rebirth of the area from which it came.

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New LEGO Castle sets available at shop.LEGO.com now!We're big fans of LEGO here at Rock Father HQ, and as such, we're finally making plans for our first visit to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago. Located in Schaumburg, Illinois at the Streets of Woodfield (right next to Woodfield Mall), the LEGOLAND Discovery Center boasts over 3 million LEGO bricks, a 4D theater, fun activities with LEGO Friends and LEGO Racers, plus a DUPLO Village. Right now, they've even got the LEGO STAR WARS Miniland Display!

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While THE AQUABATS! have sorta had the summer swimming pool anthem duties on lock for over a decade with "Pool Party," a new entry for rocking the world of floaties and beach balls has finally arrived. Chicago's Kindie Punk Powerhouse, THE BOOGERS have teamed with Austin's MR. LEEBOT for "(Having a Blast) At the Pool," a new track written and sung by Leebot against the guitar-fueled fury of The Boogers.

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