The folks over at Kiwi Crate (providers of rockin' crafts and activities for families) are having a contest for Holiday Crafts. It's their first "Creativity Challenge" under "The Studio by Kiwi Crate," and it's well-worth checking out for a chance at 11 prizes...

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I really dig Kiwi Crate. First featured here on The Rock Father back in June and later reviewed at length, Kiwi Crate is subscription service that sends families monthly "crates" containing fun projects to do that "encourage key developmental skills, such as problem solving, creative expression, gross and fine motor skills and communication." Everything you need for the project is included. Now comes word that a music-centric crate has been created as a joint effort between Kiwi Crate and Carnegie Hall. 

Thursday, August 16 2012 10:52

Guest Blog: 5 LEGO Birthday Party Ideas

LEGO Brand RetailNot only is a Lego themed party a great and very popular idea for flustered parents trying to come up with new party themes, it’s a particularly popular idea with the kids themselves. Despite being one of the simpler toys, Lego remains hugely popular with kids of all ages – not to mention a few highly talented adults. As a party theme not only is it popular but it’s very easy to construct nearly everything for yourself.

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A few weeks back, you might recall that I mentioned KIWI CRATE as being a cool idea for busy parents. The basic overview is that for $20 a month (available monthly or by 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions), Kiwi Crate will send you and your child a selection of crafts to do - each carefully prepared and packaged with all the materials that you need to do them. You get to spend time doing crafts and cut out running around the store looking for all the different components, which could easily add up to $20 or more anyway. Each project is chosen by a group of parents, then kid-tested before they go on-sale. Well, Kiwi Crate was kind enough to send us a "Space Exploration" crate, and here's The Rock Father experience.

Last Fall, one of the most popular posts on the Mach 1 version of The Rock Father (since reposted here) was a Garden Project transforming two antique washtubs that belonged to the little one's Great Grandparents. For the summer of 2012, those washtubs have kept their position as planters, but with a different flowering assortment. Here's a look at what we did on planting day, May 14th, and a look at what they look like on June 10.

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It's hard to believe, but the final countdown is on. I guess it's time to crank up the Europe and start winding down the days in reverse, because our 'New Release' is set for arrival via scheduled C-section a month from now. I've been 'nesting' for awhile now, and the instinct of preparation is becoming a bit more frenzied. I can't grasp people that have fleets of kids (like the Duggars) or those parents that seem like they really don't care - having kids is a big deal, and for me it's both exciting and daunting. The Nursery is finished, though.

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