As I sit here on a Monday night, my office windows open to let in the cool Fall breeze, sipping a pumpkin spice coffee as I nurse myself back from a cold... I'm listening to some perfect music for the season - a song made famous by THE MISFITS. Now, I'm not listening to the original version, but to a lullaby version of one of their most lyrically-inappropriate songs for this site: "Last Caress."  Like many of my generation, the song first hit my ears via the 1987 METALLICA cover on THE $5.98 E.P.: GARAGE DAYS RE-REVISITED.  Now, you can introduce the early music of Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only to the youngest member of your family, with LULLABY VERSIONS OF THE MISFITS, the latest collection from the Roma Music Group and their TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE ROCK STAR collection. Set for release on October 1 (perfect for Halloween), the set just went live on iTunes for Pre-Orders, with "Last Caress" as an instant download. Check out a preview below...

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Step2 Test Drive BloggerAs a Work-at-Home Dad (WAHD), I'm in a pretty cool position in that I have a dedicated "Command Center" here at the heart of Rock Father HQ - something I can thank my wife for, as it was her idea to place my home office on the ground floor. Periodically, four-year-old Addie has joined me at my desk - usually pulling up a chair to do some coloring or drawing, but she didn't have her own workspace... until now. As part of my gig as a 2013 Test Drive Blogger, the crew at Step2 sent us their new Creative Studio Art Desk, which is available now as a Sam's Club Exclusive

Fall is here, and for most of America, that means it's Football Season. When I say "most of America," what I really mean is "Not here at Rock Father HQ." Truth is, I don't like Football... specifically, the game.

Fall is my favorite season of all. I've always figured it was because I was born in October - a Halloween baby of sorts - but my pumpkin-obsession is powerful. Each Fall since starting The Rock Father in 2011, I have posted something about the return of Pumpkin Spice Latte to Starbucks. No, these are not sponsored posts (though I did recently do a campaign with Starbucks)... I just really, really, really, really like Pumpkin Spice Latte. And just about everything else pumpkin-related, too. In fact, I put a Glade Pumpkin air freshener in my office almost a month ago. It's just part of the season that I love so much, and now I get to share the joy of the season with my daughters. Pumpkin Spice Latte returned to Starbucks for 2013 last week, and today I acquired my first taste of Fall... 

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Wednesday, August 14 2013 12:04

Giveaway: RAWLINGS Vertical Sports Organizer

With summer slowly drawing to a close as Back-to-School enters full swing, thoughts of Fall are already floating around, and one thing I tend to get motivated about is organization. As the seasons change, so do the sports, and the folks at Rawlings have some options to help keep everything neat and ready to rock the field... or the yard. With that, The Rock Father and Rawlings are getting one lucky reader hooked-up with one of their new, Vertical Sports Organizers (a $33 value) to get the kids' gear all neatened up! 

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Gardening is a part of our daily routine here at Rock Father HQ. While we've got a lot of basic maintenance-type stuff to do, we occasionally fall into an oddball project, and last month we had one. The removal of The Bush of Doom... and the rebirth of the area from which it came.

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