Ready for a Chia PREDATOR? While we don't know if that will be a thing, a surprising announcement arrived just before the start of New York Toy Fair this weekend - National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) has acquired the company behind Chia Pet and The Clapper. NECA has taken control of both Joseph Enterprises, Inc. (JEI) and Joseph Pedott Advertising and Marketing, Inc. (JPAM), which join the NECA family of specialty entertainment companies. NECA promises that these are  "poised for cross-company collaboration."

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There's not a lot of information to report just yet, but when Toy Fair New York takes place next month, one new product line set to make its debut is coming from NECA, set in the world of Blade Runner 2049.  NECA revealed today that that have acquired the license to Warner Bros. Pictures' hotly anticipated sequel to the legendary 1982 sci-fi movie. The company promises a full range of action figures, diecast vehicles, replicas, games and more in 2017. Since there's no artwork to share just yet, here's a quick look at the upcoming film...

It's been 26 years since Home Alone first hit theaters, and with the holiday season entering full-swing once more, families around the world will soon be catching up with Kevin McCallister and The Wet Bandits. Following last year's excellent Ultimate Collector's Edition of the five films in the Home Alone series, this year we spin back to where it all started, thanks to a new collection of bobbleheads released by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Milwaukee. Designed and created by the team at NECA under license from 20th Century Fox, this trio of "Head Knockers" is one of the instances where the real product looks even better in person than it does in marketing materials - these are fantastic.

What's the plural of "Mogwai?" Is it Mogwais... or is it like LEGO and just Mogwai? Regardless, the folks over at NECA have revealed a new batch of their popular, 7" Mogwai action figures based on GREMLINS. For this round, the NECA team dug deep into the archives for concept Mogwai(s) that were crafted by FX legend RICK BAKER (STAR WARS, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON) for the production of 1990's GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH. Get ready to meet Brownie, Doodah, and Penny... 

The crew over at NECA has long been providing a healthy dose of "rock" to the toy aisles with previous licenses including AC/DC and IGGY POP. Their longest-running series is that of IRON MAIDEN, and while several action figures of their iconic mascot "Eddie the Head" have been produced, there's still some ground to cover. Now, Eddie is making his way into tabletop gaming with the first series of IRON MAIDEN miniatures for HeroClix. Check 'em out below.

Steven Spielberg's classic film, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was released 31 years ago this June. I thought it was pretty cool when I found a 20th Anniversary Edition Collectors' figure on clearance at Toys "R" Us (it was an exclusive to them) back in 2002... and to this day, the 12" figure sits in an acrylic display case here in my office. Now, my E.T. is a little less-cool, as the folks at NECA Toys are releasing an E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Stunt Puppet Prop Replica. It's nearly life-size, at almost three feet tall. I think that I my daughters need this.

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