A couple of weeks ago, one of my favorite fellow Dad Bloggers sent up the Bat Signal for a project related to STAR WARS. Before I could fire back an email ("The first transport is away..."), the wheels were in motion for what would become quite possibly The Definitive Internet White Paper on When to Expose Your Kids to STAR WARS. Sam over at DorkDaddy.com (a site considered Rock Father-approved) had gone all Danny Ocean on us, pulling together a crew of 19 Dad Bloggers to throw down some virtual ink on one of parenting's most important issues.

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Updated September 7, 2014 - After a year-and-a-half on the Windows Phone platform and experiencing problems with devices made by both Nokia and HTC, I can no longer support or recommend the Windows Phone Platform.

1997. That was the year that I became highly desirable to women... wait. Let me start this off a bit differently. 1997 was, according to my wife, the year I "ruled Walmart." She likened it to the way that "jocks" rule the halls of a high school... the way my friends and I, my crew... ruled a certain Walmart in the South Suburbs of Chicago. She reiterated this tonight when I told her that I was going to be writing a Valentine's Day-inspired "How We Met" blog as a part of my affiliation with Microsoft as a member of Team Windows Phone. "You guys were the sh**," she said.

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I had no idea what to call this entry. It's more of a scrapbook-y kind of thing - one of those milestones that every child hits, and one that our family certainly wanted to see pictures of. Baby Finley has moved into the world of jarred food. As with Addie before her, we've been taking our time and not rushing into things. Finn will be 8 months old (man, time is flying) this month, and while we started her on Rice Cereal back in December, late January brought with it the first food in the classic glass jars. We're feeding her EARTH'S BEST ORGANIC, which is also what we fed her sister just a few short years ago. So what's the menu been like?

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The Rock Father is pleased to present a special guest blog from Phil Shepley of Dad Vs. Spawn...

Who says that 80s hair metal was only about sex, drugs and rock n’ roll? Perhaps back then it was, but now it’s about so much more. It’s about being a parent.

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I'm always a bit cautious when a new baby product hits my radar. When products get pitched to me here at Rock Father HQ, I don't like to just rush into a review after using the product for a short period of time... I like to live with it awhile, allowing the little ones to interact with it while making my own observations. The Li'l Helper Baby Bottle Holder is one such product - first hitting my radar in November.

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The folks over at Eggland's Best Eggs got in touch with The Rock Father to help spread the word about a FREE COOKBOOK that they're offering through February 15th. Their second original eCookbook, "Your Best Recipes" (a $9.99 value) features the Top 20 recipes from the first nationwide Eggland’s Best “Your Best Recipe Contest”. Thousands of entries were submitted by at-home chefs and bloggers, and this collection highlights creative ways of using EB eggs.

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