Created by new father Joe Murillo shortly after the birth of his first daughter, Li'l Helper is an ergonomically-designed bottle holder that matches a baby's natural nursing posture. This new diaper bag accessory encourages a baby to grip while nursing, allowing busy parents to multi-task if they so desire. Interested in trying one out with your new release? If so, the folks at Li'l Helper have teamed up with The Rock Father to give you a chance to win one in your choice of blue or pink!

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Think your house is Childproof just because you spent a ton of money on Childproofing/Babyproofing products that you installed correctly? Well, here at Rock Father HQ, our daughter has some different thoughts. 

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There's been a situation brewing for the past few months that finally came to a head today. It could be looked at in a variety of ways, flipped and spun to accentuate the positive or the negative - or looked at from a multitude of sides - children... parents... figures of authority. Quite simply, my daughter has her first nemesis - an enemy of the smallest form - but only at times, and it's a situation that could've been defused a lot earlier if the adults involved were better communicators, and less combative. The first step? Admitting openly that your child is no angel. Mine certainly isn't, and I have no problem telling you that outright.

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Wednesday, November 07 2012 10:00

Time to Play: An Octane-Obsessed Little Girl

Originally written by James Zahn (The Rock Father) as a Guest Post at TTPM

Around the Blogosphere, there has been a lot of discussion regarding “gender-neutral” toys in recent months. There’s been a lot of finger-pointing at toymakers and retailers for allegedly embracing stereotypes, though more often then not, I tend to see parents making an attempt to guide their children toward or away from certain playthings – not some faceless, corporate overlords. I say, “let the kids play with what they’d like.”

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As the father of a newborn, I've recently been reminded of a pet peeve that I haven't really thought much of since getting past the pacifier stage with our first daughter a few years back. Actually, I might've mentioned it in passing here on The Rock Father once before, but in recent weeks this little annoyance has become an irritation with increasing regularity. I'm talking about parents (or others - at the store, at the playgroup, etc.) that refer to any child's pacifier as a "Binky" by default. The reason? Most of the time, they're sorely mistaken.

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By now, I'd imagine that you've all seen the commercials: the poorly-acted/over-acted ones in which a group of parents sit gathered around a literal "round" table discussing the benefits of the Gerber Life College Plan. "It's a life insurance policy, too," states one of the actors as another chimes in "Oh, that's different." In reality, it's a clever money-making plan for the Gerber Life Insurance Company. Same goes for their Gerber Grow-Up Plan.

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