Soil is a mixture of organic matter, minerals, gases, liquids, and organisms that, together, support life. Earth's body of soil (the pedosphere) functions as a medium for plant growth; as a means of water storage, supply, and purification; as a habitat for organisms; and as a modifier of the planet's atmosphere.

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"I think I was in our bathroom and the wife said 'IT'S POSITIVE!,'" recalls Shaun Glass of THE BLOODLINE and BROKEN HOPE while discussing the moment he realized he'd soon become a father for the very first time. "I just was overwhelmed and couldn't believe it! It hit me the next morning, lying In bed thinking, 'Wow I'm going to be a father,'" he continues, thinking about his earliest days as a "Rock Father," ahead of #RockFathersDay 2014 as he prepares the next moves in his lengthy musical career, with one album by BROKEN HOPE just-released, and another from THE BLOODLINE in production now...

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