Little Finley is just 14-months-old as of this writing, and like her big sister, she's already displaying a serious affection for all-things wheeled. I officially have two little ones that love their cars and trucks, and as such, both girls were pretty excited when the folks from MEGA BLOKS sent over Firetruck Finn, a new addition to their First Builders line.  Aimed at ages 1-5, Firetruck Finn is a sizable, durable fire truck, that comes complete with fourteen building blocks and a Block Buddies Firefighter. How did it fare in The Rock Father's State-of-the-Art Toy Testing Facility (our house and neighborhood)? Let's find out...

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PLAYSKOOL HEROES is a line that I wish existed when I was a little kid. Perfect for kids that are still too young for the "big kid" action figures, these chunky little toys are perfect for introducing the youngest members of your family to the worlds of STAR WARS, TRANSFORMERS, MARVEL COMICS, and more. We have a few floating around here at Rock Father HQ, and as Addie graduates into the regular action figures, Baby Finley will no doubt be getting in on the fun with some of these. What's new for 2013? Well, here's the lineup - fresh from the New York Toy Fair...

giftoflove2X's and O's. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, there will be many of those seen floating around in the weeks ahead, but as a Dad with two daughters, X's and O's are a part of daily life. X's and O's represent kisses and hugs, and together those symbolize a gift of love. That said, it's quite fitting that gDiapers' new gift of love gPants (available today) are emblazoned with X's and O's all around. Launched to benefit Hands to Hearts International, these new, limited-edition gPants are far more than just a part of an "adorable eco-friendly diaper" line, but a symbol that "Hugs and Kisses can Save a Village."

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Fisher PriceThe folks over at The Official Fisher-Price Store just hit The Rock Father with details on a special sale that's in-progress right now. Through tomorrow night (1/21/13),  readers can enjoy savings of 20% Off Sitewide with Free Shipping for all orders over $75. Use Code MLKSALE at checkout. Click Here to get started! Everytime I get one of these emails, I'm tempted to do some serious damage over there, as Fisher-Price is a BIG deal here at Rock Father HQ. 

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Congratulations to Chelsea Boppre, the recipient of the gDiapers Prize Pack!
Congratulations to Stephanie Kent, the recipient of the gDiapers Prize Pack! FORFEIT

I've been talking about gDiapers for awhile here on The Rock Father, and while I still haven't got to try the environmentally friendly diapers just yet (new baby is due for release in mid-June), a collection of starter materials is awaiting the little one, tucked neatly into her changing table until she arrives. In the meantime, I've been following gDiapers' new product launches, lured by their super-cute refillable gPants. The new batch? GIRLY TWIRLY ($24.99) ruffled gPants, and CATCH A WAVE ($19.99) little gPants. How would you like a pair for free?

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