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Ready Your Ride for Summer Rock... #HankookUSA

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The Summer Driving Season is officially upon us, and as families start to get out on the open road, the folks at Hankook Tires asked me to talk a little bit about how to Ready Your Ride for Summer Rock. With the new "Rock Father Rides" section just-launched, now is a great time to start the discussion. 

Check Tire Pressure and Wear:
  • As with any season, checking your tires for proper inflation pressure and signs of wear is a prime place to start. Your tires are just as important as your car's engine, and the performance of your vehicle depends on these often-overlooked, yet "right there" items. Aside from the safety risks that can go with improper inflation and wear (accidents, blowouts, etc.), proper tires will help increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle - something we should all be interested in right now - the days of $4+  per-gallon gas. Measure the tread depth - if it's 2/32" or less, those tires need to be replaced as they're going bald. Be familiar with your proper pressure (listed on the tire itself), and check for obvious signs of wear: cracks, scrapes, bulges, cuts, or any signs of trauma. If in doubt, visit a local retailer for a professional inspection.
Oil and Fluids:
  • A regular oil change is a no-brainer, yet I still know a few people that avoid them. This small investment (usually between $20-$60) should be done every 3-5K miles as instructed by your vehicle's owners manual. It's a small price to pay now that could save you big bucks down the line. Like proper tire care, maintaining your engine will aid in fuel efficiency, and prolong the life of your ride. Summer is also a great time to make sure that your transmission fluid is good and running clean, and that other liquids such as coolant, brakes and power steering are all topped off. Fill up the washer fluid, too!
Interior Cleaning:
  • We've already done the in-depth interior cleaning on one of our daily drivers - the Chevy Equinox. Even if the outside of the car is filthy, having a clean interior just makes you feel good - and makes the drive so much more pleasant. My oldest daughter, Addie, helped vacuum and do the windows. I used some Meguiar's Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes to get a nice, clean shine going throughout the black-on-black interior.
Rock for the Road:
  • Music is 100% Required for proper summer driving. In fact, it's just as important as the car itself! For some family-friendly suggestions, check out this 2013 Summer Playlist featuring artists like THE NOT-ITS!, JUSTIN ROBERTS, and CHARLIE HOPE. I'm also digging the new record from JOHN FOGERTY, the recent covers EP, ANTHEMS from ANTHRAX, and ODDFELLOWS from TOMAHAWK.

If you do happen to notice tire issues during your Summer Pre-Flight Check-up, consider the new Hankook VENTUS S1 Noble2...

VENTUS S1 Noble2

ventusDesigned with an Asymmetric tread pattern, the Ventus S1 noble2 incorporates a Four Channel Rib Design for efficient water evacuation and an advanced silica rubber compound to offer impressive wet handling and braking. A straight Rib Block design applied to the outside of the tire’s contact patch helps to prevent unwanted road noise and increase cornering grip, while multiple 3D Kerfs and Carving Edges provide improved winter condition traction. Additionally, the Ventus S1 noble2 offers a 50,000 mile limited treadlife warranty. The Ventus S1 noble2 is the Ideal Balance of All-Season Ultra-High Performance.

Additionally, the crew over at Hankook are offering a rebate of up to $80 on the following tires now through June 30, 2013 as part of their "Great Catch" Promotion.

-Ultra-High Performance Summer: Ventus V12 evo
-Ultra-High Performance All-Season: Ventus S1 noble2
-Premium Touring All-Season: Optimo H727
-Premium Highway All-Season Light Truck/SUV: Dynapro HT

Do you have any must-do items to get your Ride Ready for Summer Rock? If so, please share them below!

FTC Disclosure: As noted above, this is a sponsored conversation written by The Rock Father on behalf of Hankook Tires. All opinions and text are that of James Zahn, with possible influence from his children.

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