So here's an oddity: Two posts involving THE DUKES OF HAZZARD (here's the first one) here on The Rock Father... not only in the same week, but just about 24 hours apart. Yes, since CMT is airing the old DUKES episodes in HD for the first time this week, it seemed pretty appropriate to break this out for my Throwback Thursday post. I mentioned way back in March of 2012 that I once had the famed DUKES OF HAZZARD Power Cycle by Coleco - a "Big Wheel" of sorts that I received for my fifth birthday, back in 1981. Well, not only did I get the Power Cycle, but I also had a full-blown DUKES-themed Birthday Party that year, and now - for the first time ever - I'm getting to share pictures and video of both, all thanks to some newly-digitized Super 8mm home movies from my youth. Here we go... time for some #TBT action!

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This past Christmas, my sister bought my daughter an Amloid Toys Pretty Princess Cycle. It came as a surprise not only to my little one, but also to me, as my wife and I had long discussed my desire to be the one to buy my daughter her first ''Big Wheel.'' A cool gift, for sure - but one of those moments when you wish, as a parent, that you'd been consulted first. I've never discussed this with my sister, so I imagine her first knowledge of my reaction will come via this blog post, should she happen to read it. Regardless, the Princess Cycle was a thoughtful and fun gift that my wife and I appreciated for the little one. Since Spring is officially here, the time has come for the ''Big Wheel'' to hit the streets...

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