Holiday 2014As a Step2 Brand Ambassador, I've often spoken of the great items that they make - most of which are MADE IN THE USA at their headquarters in Streetsboro, Ohio. On an August trip to their HQ, I spotted something in the showroom that I knew my girls had to have - the Step2 Love & Care Deluxe Nursery. A fantastic addition to playtime that helps foster imaginative play, this is a unique piece of doll furniture that works many elements that mimic how Mommy & Daddy care for baby into a small footprint suitable for many different homes. There's a changing table (with mobile), a high chair, sink, storage bins and real dual-door cabinet, and what really pushes this into unique territory - a laundry station. My little ones LOVE pretending to do their dolls' laundry, and the included "washer" here even has a trio of hangers and a place to hang the "clean" clothes.

Here at Rock Father HQ we have sort of an infestation... stuffed animals and plush toys. Some of you know the feeling, and earlier this year, I attempted to combat their increasing numbers by declaring "A Moritorium on All Plush Toys and Stuffed Animals Except for those Specifically-Requested by The Rock Daughters." Sometimes, I have to make exceptions. There's a lot of cute stuff out there, and you never know what is going to catch the eye of the little ones. But what if kids could actually create their own plush toys? That's where HAPPY TOY MACHINE comes in, and when they asked us to create a custom design, that was a prospect impossible to resist.

As a 2013 Step2 Test Drive Blogger, we periodically get to check out some new toys from Step2 here at The Rock Father's state-of-art Toy Testing Facility. Usually, that's the family room or kitchen, but in the case of the Step2 Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox - that should mean our yard. Unfortunately, Spring 2013 hasn't really been very "spring-y" here in Northern Illinois. In fact, as I type this post, it's pouring rain outside with the threat of it changing back over to snow... on April 11... even though it was 72 yesterday. With two little ones here in the house, there was no way to keep this thing under wraps, so for the past month, the Fun & Sun Climber and Sandbox has been set-up in our family room. Addie and Finley love it.

Step2The folks over at Step2 are doing some weekend specials that run through tomorrow in honor of President's Day, and this is a great opportunity to save on some great toys that are Made in the U.S.A.! As some of you know, The Rock Father is an official 2013 Step2 Test Drive Blogger, so I'll be bringing you some good things from the company throughout the entire year. More details below...

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Step2As a 2013 Step2 Test Drive Blogger, I have the opportunity to try out some new toys right here at Rock Father HQ in our super-state-of-the-art testing facility. In this case, that means "family room," as we have a foot of snow on the ground and our yard looks more like Hoth from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK than an inviting play area. Our first assignment arrived here a couple weeks ago, and now it's time to reveal the details on a sweet new ride - and give YOU the opportunity to score one for your little one(s) while helping tiny hearts in the process.

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