This November, Magnolia Pictures will bring to theaters a story that's a familiar one for thousands of families across America, but a tale largely unknown or ignored by much of the general public. When the trailer for The Last Race first hit my inbox, I immediately thought of a place that I've mentioned a few times in the virtual pages of The Rock Father™ Magazine in years past... the late Santa Fe Speedway in Willow Springs, Illinois. If you've ever been around short track auto racing, it's a familiar situation - racing thrives, but as development closes in on the race track, eventually the owners get squeezed out in favor of strip malls and upscale housing, often headed-up by litigious individuals and organizations that seek to eliminate the "inconvenience" of what was there before them. In the case of The Last Race, the subject is Riverhead Raceway, the last remaining auto track in Metro New York - one now surrounded, where racing takes place in the shadows of a Dick's Sporting Goods and a lumber yard. Check out the trailer below for what looks to be one of this fall's must-see documentary films.

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If you're into music history like me, a must-see for this year needs to be THE WRECKING CREW. Just-released on Blu-ray by Magnolia Pictures, Denny Tedesco's documentary was inspired by his father, Tommy - a member of the legendary, yet largely unknown musicians known as The Wrecking Crew - the true performers behind some of the biggest hits of the 60s and 70s. In fact, the sheer volume of famous tunes that this crew contributed to is in large part the reason that this film (which started loose production back in 1996) took so long to get a proper release - the music licensing fees were expensive.  After some limited screenings, Tedesco raised funds via Kickstarter to get the licensing wrapped, and now it's available to the masses. The folks at Magnolia Pictures recently provided me with a couple of copies on Blu-ray, and one of those could soon be yours...

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On June 16, the acclaimed documentary, THE WRECKING CREW comes home on DVD and Blu-ray from Magnolia Pictures. If you've ever listened to a hit record of the 1960s - then this film should strike your interest - the true story about the talented session players that were heard on some of the biggest records of the era. From THE BEACH BOYS to THE MONKEES, FRANK SINATRA to NAT KING COLE, SONNY AND CHER to THE THE BYRDS and beyond, these are the players who made the hits, and many audiences never knew of their existence until now. Check out a preview below...

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Step2As part of my gig as a Step2 Brand Ambassador, I often have the honor of getting some of you hooked-up with some cool toys for your little ones. Usually, it's one or two readers at a time, but this week I've got something extra-special: Step2 has teamed up with Magnolia Pictures to celebrate the release of their new film, THE HERO OF COLOR CITY  by giving away TEN (10!) prize packs (there's 10 Brand Ambassadors, ya dig?), each consisting of a Studio Art Desk™, Up & Down Roller Coaster, and a themed-pack of Cra-Z-Art crayons. THE HERO OF COLOR CITY is in Theaters, On Demand and on iTunes October 3rd. Get details and enter below!