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How long should it take to change a tire? In truth, that’s not an easy question to answer, as there’s variables to the equation. From type of vehicle to the tools available, the speed of changing a tire can have vast differences. One prime example is changing the tire of your daily driver. If you had a flat, you could probably change the tire in 20-30 minutes (or less), provided you had a spare, a jack, and the right wrench to remove the lugnuts. On the race track, a pit crew could change all four tires in a matter of seconds. Those are all human applications, so what about penguins? How would the PENGUINS OF AMERICA handle a tire change - particularly one on the track? In theory, the same way we would “lefty-loosey, righty-tighty."

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The Rock Father™ has collaborated with Goodyear Auto Service for this #SpringCarCare feature.

To some extent you could say it was a “mild” winter here in Northern Illinois, though a more accurate appraisal would be that it was “largely snowless.” Despite a couple big snowstorms that were followed by relatively quick melts, it was still cold, and still icy, even though people made a big deal about the lack of powder. As early warmth arrived in February, bringing with it a quick emergence of sprouts that should’ve still been hidden, Jack Frost quickly struck back, sweeping in with one final arctic blast - as if to serve as a reminder of what winter can do. One thing winter is great at is trashing your vehicle, and with April being National Car Care Month, there’s no better time than now to get ready to rock the road once more.

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The Michelin ManTHE ROCK FATHER™ has partnered with Life of Dad and Michelin for the #FirstCarMoment promotion.  He has been paid for his participation, but his memories and former mullet are priceless, and solely his own.

My lifelong love of vehicles often springs up around these parts, and it's something that I've certainly been sharing with The Rock Daughters™. My little ones' interest in all-things wheeled is what really made me start writing about the subject so often - both in terms of "grownup" rides and things more their speed - like Hot Wheels. While their time for a proper set of keys is still many years down the road, my wife and I have already been thinking of that milestone - just like my friends at Michelin. As a tire manufacturer with over 125 years on the road, they feel obligated to raise awareness and help reduce the 264,000 crashes that occur annually due to tire-related issues on cars piloted by inexperienced drivers. Do you remember your first car? I certainly remember mine...

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