Some exciting news just sped into Rock Father HQ this morning involving two companies that we dig: MATTEL and TOY STATE. The two toymakers have entered into a partnership that will allow Toy State to create a brand-new line of "over-the-top lights and sound and remote controlled HOT WHEELS-branded cars." I can picture Addie playing with them already...

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Kids love trains. This is a fact I get to see in action on a daily basis, as over 50 trains pass by Rock Father HQ during each 24-hour period. Yes, there's a high-traffic set of tracks that runs right along our neighborhood, and with each passing train comes a familiar and comforting rumble. For awhile, my oldest would tell us that her "Silly Uncle" was on each passenger train - a side-effect of dropping him off at the train station once. At the local park, kids wave as the massive trains whiz by. In fact, as I'm getting to this sentence right here, another freighter is passing by and the coffee on my desk is vibrating like Jack Lemmon's in THE CHINA SYNDROME. For those that love trains, this Saturday (May 11, 2013) is NATIONAL TRAIN DAY, the sixth annual holiday that celebrates all the good that trains provide.

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