NBC UniversalIf you're surfing the 'net looking for some Cyber Monday savings on gifts for the whole family, The Rock Father might be able to help out! The deals keep landing in my inbox here at Rock Father HQ, so I'm sharing them with you below. Check out some one-day-only specials from VANS, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, CROCS, and more...

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It's 4pm on Black Friday here at Rock Father HQ, and despite an itch to go to Kohls last night, I did not brave the bargain-hungry hordes for some holiday shopping savings. Instead, I slept in, have spent much of the afternoon playing with my daughters, ate some Thanksgiving leftovers, and have been sifting through the countless Black Friday promotions that have been hitting my inbox in hopes of being posted here on The Rock Father. I like to save readers a few bucks while making a few in the process, so here's the roundup of deals that have landed here this afternoon. Don't forget, you can find even more great savings and coupon codes in the "Shopping Deals for Families" section right here on The Rock Father.

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Just ahead of the Holiday Shopping kick-off with Black Friday (or Thursday), the folks over at LeapFrog have revealed their "Must Have" toys that are topping kids' wish lists this year. Though it didn't make their list (it's been out for quite awhile), my three-year-old daughter absolutely loves her LeapFrog My Own Leaptop (available from Walmart or Target), which we have programmed with messages from a few different family members. Her face really lights up when she proudly announces that she "has to check email." And now, on with the list...

As a parent running a mostly single-income household these days (my wife goes to work while I stay home with the kids), I'm constantly seeking new ways to control costs while still providing my daughters with the best of everything. One thing we discovered during our first daughter's infancy was Store Brand Baby Formula. Having compared packages between brands, it was obvious that the nutritional value was there, and in fact - they meet or exceed FDA standards at up to 50% Off the cost of national brands. With our second daughter now nearly five months old, we're using Store Brand Formula once more.

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I miss record stores. There was a time when they were abundant, and I would visit many of them on a frequent basis. At one point, I took what I call the 'corporate detour,' and entered the world of big business and big box retailing. My 'dirty little secret' is that from 1996-1998 I worked for Walmart, after which I defected to Super Kmart, lured by headhunter to higher pay and better opportunities. Walmart was not happy. You see, not only was I very good at my job, but I'd just returned from their yearly 'Rah, Rah!' company meetings (held in Kansas, City that year) and revealed my departure about a week later. They paid me out for all remaining vacation time, and I was able to enjoy some relaxation before starting the new gig. You might wonder why I'm telling you this today, and the answer is simple: Rock was involved. Actually, more than just Rock... but all music. Record Store Style.

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Being a child of the 80's, the idea of a ''family movie night'' has been something of a distant memory for awhile. All of the major networks at some point featured movies during prime time, and as cable and new media took over, the idea of watching a flick ''live'' on TV kind of went away - as did the gathering aspect for a lot of families. Despite the often negative perceptions toward corporate sponsorships and product placement, Walmart and P&G (Procter & Gamble) have been making an attempt to rekindle the spirit with their own FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT series.

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