I enjoy some Surf Rock. I also enjoy SLAYER. Having been known to bust out 'Season's in the Abyss' on the acoustic guitar from time to time, when my pals from DIRGE WITHIN shared a link that combined Surf Rock with SLAYER - specifically 'Seasons, my head nearly exploded from the incredibly flavorful mix. The Rock Father loves to share the goods, so below the jump you'll find 'Surfin' with Slayer' - GLITTER DICK performing 'Seasons in the Abyss' like you've never seen it before. Listen closely and you might even catch a nod to Dick Dale in the mix...

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I have a real problem with nostalgia. Hard thing is, in my adventures in-and-out of the entertainment world, and now as a parent, nostalgia plays a big part of everyday life. You're always sucked into the past, whether to provide 'cred' with what you can do based on what you've already done (your resume is nostaliga, but for getting a job), in conversation of popular culture, or as a testament to who you are. My entire office is filled with nostalgia, through pictures and artifacts from adventures long since passed, to an archive of music that reminds me of the past. Perhaps it's my own bouts with depression, but lately I've been more interested in thinking about the future than the past - new adventures with my kids, but even those bring memories from years ago. What prompted this writing today, you may ask? FAITH NO MORE and KNIGHT RIDER both turn 30 years old this year. What do they have to do with each other? I'm not quite sure.

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I haven't done a lot of food reviews here on The Rock Father, but since a few are in the pipeline, I figured it was time to test the water with something that I recently bought: BALL PARK FLAME GRILLED PATTIES. They market these things straight at guys to the point where my wife commented on a commercial for them and looked at me to say "You want those, don't you?" Yes, I did. But this is an example of marketing for a questionable burger.

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Friday, June 22 2012 09:46

R.I.P. Optimus Prime (1984-2012)

Sad news today as Optimus Prime, leader of the TRANSFORMERS faction known as the 'Autobots' was found dead in Illinois. After a valiant battle, it appears that Prime's final defeat came not at the hands of the rival 'Decepticons,' but within the tight grasp of a car crusher. Photos from the scene can be viewed below, exclusively on The Rock Father.

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It's been over three months since I penned a blog entry titled 'MILLIE COW - Harmless Children's Book, or Terrifying Bovine Demon?,' but now comes time for an update. After being kept in extreme lockdown (our garage) since that time, the fate of MILLIE COW has been decided...

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I've been thinking about this for awhile, but it wasn't until this morning that I was actually able to do it... 

Using my daughter's Fisher-Price Record Player (repro model) and CD Player I've created a graphic detailing the rapid death of physical media (music in particular) as seen by toys. In the past, you could make records or CDs fun for a toddler... a digital file? Not so much.

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