The EWOKS have made an appearance in the Hasbro Force Friday Countdown already, previously checking-in back in May with 107 days to go. But here they are again, and I don't mind - because I will proudly admit that I love the Ewoks. Here we find them featured with the 2013 Ewok Assault Catapult that was released as part of The Vintage Collection, I believe as a Kmart exclusive. While I don't have this one in the collection, I do have some Ewoks. Speaking of which, did you see when I made an "Endor Garden" using cactus and succulents from Costa Farms

It was roughly 4 minutes and 33 seconds into 1977's STAR WARS (before we knew it as "A NEW HOPE" or "EPISODE IV") that audiences first witnessed the cinematic debut of Darth Vader... Dark Lord of the Sith. He didn't even need to say a word, and audiences knew he was the biggest badass in the galaxy. By the next time we see him again just over a minute later, he's choking some guy, and then he just tosses him aside. Evil? Sure, but within a year or so, millions of kids (myself included) were running around dressed as Darth, and his original Kenner action figure from 1978 quickly became a sought-after item for backyard battles. In celebration of actor David Prowse's birthday, Darth Vader is today's entry into Hasbro's Force Friday Countdown Calendar!

Every proper gangster has a solid right-hand man, and for Jabba the Hutt, it was Bib Fortuna that answered the call. This cloaked Twi'lek served as a gatekeeper for those seeking an audience with Jabba, speaking mostly in Huttese, and falling victim to a Jedi mind trick performed by Luke Skywalker himself in RETURN OF THE JEDI. While Fortuna's allegiance to Jabba is said to have lasted decades, it came to an explosive end on a sail barge high above the Pit of Carkoon. Bib Fortuna is today's entry into Hasbro's Force Friday Countdown Calendar!

One of the most beautiful things throughout the STAR WARS Saga is the dynamic between villains... and the different levels within their ranks. For every smooth gangster like Darth Vader, there's a governmental jerk nearby, like Grand Moff Tarkin, for example. And in Tarkin's shadow in the era of STAR WARS REBELS is Agent Kallus, a member of the Imperial Security Bureau, which creator Dave Filoni refers to as being "sorta like the F.B.I." Kallus also has some of the finest facial hair in the galaxy, and his helmet is designed specifically to protect said beardness. Agent Kallus was one of the first figures to be released from the STAR WARS REBELS collection, and is today's entry into Hasbro's Force Friday Countdown Calendar!

Boba Fett is one of the biggest characters in the STAR WARS universe when it comes to fan opinion, despite him having a very small place in the actual films. The original test footage for Fett was shot back in 1978, and last year Hasbro unleashed a 6" Black Series figure based upon the all-white armor used in that screen test. While I don't personally have that figure, since it's featured as today's entry into Hasbro's Force Friday Countdown Calendar, I thought it was a fine time to showcase two other figures based on early Boba Fett appearances - the Ralph McQuarrie concept edition, and the STAR WARS Holiday Special First Appearance. Check out a video feature on the early days of Boba Fett below...

As a kid, one of my finest moments was the Christmas on which I received both the MILLENNIUM FALCON and the AT-AT walker. It was a glorious occasion, and when those vehicles were reproduced in the late 1990s, I received them for Xmas once more. Today, they're both here in my office, and I let my girls play with them whenever they'd like. Originally released as a toy back in 1978/79 as the Kenner STAR WARS Millennium Falcon Spaceship with Battle Alert Sound, this sought-after vehicle was also a solid playset, with a ton of action features. Now, the Falcon is back for J.J. Abrams' THE FORCE AWAKENS, and I can't wait to see what Hasbro is gonna do for the toy version this time around. The original Falcon is featured as today's entry into Hasbro's Force Friday Countdown Calendar...

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