It was sixteen years ago today - May 12, 1999 - that tickets for STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE went on-sale. From that film came a number of new characters, one of which was Jedi Master Mace Windu, performed by the always-excellent Samuel L. Jackson. While a number of Windu figures have been produced over the years, the #ForceFridayCountdown highlights the 2013 Saga Legends release today, continuing the road to September 4, 2015 - #ForceFriday - the day on which new Hasbro toys from STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS will be released!

September 4, 2015 is now known as Force Friday - the day that the line of toys for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS will be unleashed. In preparation for a day that will bring generations together, my friends at Hasbro have provided several sites (including my own) with a countdown calendar that looks back at nearly four decades of Kenner and Hasbro STAR WARS history. Though my calendar just arrived today, it actually started on May 4th - International STAR WARS Day - presenting a featured toy every day, and as such, I'm going to share my thoughts on them through my site, and my social networks (keep an eye on Instagram). Let's take a look at May 4-11 right now...

I've long-held the opinion that Toys "R" Us is an important retailer - perhaps the most important for children, as the last great toy retailer to have a National presence here in the United States. Families deserve a true toy store with real selection (the other "Big Box" places just don't cut it - not even close), and while TRU has some ongoing woes to deal with (many of which I could solve, but they haven't called me yet), they're making strides to win customers back through making a visit to the House of Geoffrey an "event." While I doubt kids today will ever see the pegs as packed as I recall them during the initial run of the Original STAR WARS Trilogy from 1977-1983 (towering, cavernous, dimly-lit aisles stacked to the ceiling with new Kenner STAR WARS action figures and vehicles), Toys "R"Us is declaring themselves to be "DESTINATION: STAR WARS" starting with International STAR WARS Day (technically May 4, but their celebration is May 3) and leading up to and through the release of THE FORCE AWAKENS this December. Here's the details...

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STAR WARS fans of all ages got excited in 2014 when it was first revealed that Mattel would get to dabble with the STAR WARS license for the very first time under their flagship HOT WHEELS brand. Jumping in heavy, the announcement came with the debut of a life-sized, functional Darth Vader character car, along with the slow roll-out of a variety of STAR WARS-inspired rides across several different assortments, pack sizes and retailer exclusives, keeping up has quickly become a difficult pursuit. That's why created a checklist, complete with all the details I can wrangle for this exciting collection. This list will continue to be updated regularly with the latest releases not only for the Hot Wheels Star Wars Character Cars but also other Star Wars-themed Hot Wheels including special assortments and Pop Culture Series releases!

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With the official release of STAR WARS: The Digital Movie Collection upon us, many are taking time to reflect on the pop-cultural impact that George Lucas' creation has had since the release of the first film - Episode IV: A NEW HOPE - back on May 25, 1977. With the release of J.J. Abrams' THE FORCE AWAKENS coming to theaters this December, and STAR WARS REBELS currently welcoming new fans to take "their first step into a larger world" on Disney XD, 2015 may well be the best time ever to be a STAR WARS fan - and I've been there for the ups-and-downs that this fandom has experienced. In fact, my wife and I have been there since the beginning - and that's fueled a love for a galaxy far, far away that we're now sharing and passing along to our daughters. STAR WARS is so big in this house that I've given it it's own dedicated section here on THE ROCK FATHER, so when The Walt Disney Studios asked if we'd be interested in doing a "mystery" edition of UNBOXED in celebration of the new digital releases, we were on it quicker that Han and Chewy making the Kessel Run. It's all a part of sharing #MyStarWars Memories with the girls, while making new ones along the way.

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If you follow STAR WARS, then you might've heard rumblings that the original STAR WARS Saga would finally be coming to Digital HD this year. In large part, the release was a mystery - one fueled by last month's release of six "Digital Collection" box sets of Hasbro action figures, each containing four characters from one of the films. Toys on shelves, but no official word on the release... until now. On April 10, yes THIS Friday, The Walt Disney Studios, Lucasfilm Ltd., and 20th Century Fox today will release The Star Wars Digital Movie Collection. For the first time ever, all six epic films in the Saga, from The Phantom Menace to Return of the Jedi, will be available on Digital HD throughout the galaxy - or at least here on Earth via Disney Movies Anywhere, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and more. Check out the trailer below...

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