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Clutch covered Howlin' Wolf's "Evil" as the first single in a series of new studio recordings that will comprise the newly launched Weathermaker Vault Series. The new series marks the first new music from the band since the release of the recent Book Of Bad Decisions.

“Evil” was mixed by 6X Grammy Award winner and Clutch collaborator, Vance Powell (Wolfmother, The Raconteurs, Arctic Monkeys).  

"We’ve had a good amount of downtime since our last tour.  And since the devil finds work for idle hands, we kept ourselves busy by recording some tunes.  “Evil” is the first of them, a song we’ve loved for many, many years," says Clutch frontman Neil Fallon 

Later this week, Clutch will embark on a tour of European festivals and headline dates, followed by a July 12th-August 4th co-headline US tour with Killswitch Engage that also includes Clutch’s curated Earth Rocker Festival in Inwood WV. 

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2015 Holiday Music & Movies

What new Holiday Music and Movies are on the way for 2015? I've looked at all the new releases and reissues on the books for this season and have hand-picked a collection to showcase here on THE ROCK FATHER. Are there other titles for this year? Yes, but they won't all make my list, and I will be adding some late additions before December 25th arrives. 

THE ROCK FATHER's TOP PICKS for 2015 New Release & Reissue Holiday Music:
A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS 50th Anniversary Collection
Here Comes Christmas Cover Art 72 dpi 1 PBSKIDSHolidayAlbum The Classic Christmas 80's Album
David Benoit MECO - Christmas in the Stars Reissue Count Basie Orchestra Christmas
Kylie Minogue - KYLIE! Christmas MINT CONDITION - HEALING SEASON rhonda vincent christmas time
Braxton Family Christmas The Osmonds - MERRY CHRISTMAS  8-Bit Christmas
PBS KIDS 2015 Christmas DVDs:

PBS KIDS: Caillou's Christmas PBS KIDS: Odd Squad - Reindeer Games PBS KIDS: PEG + CAT Christmas Problem PBS KIDS: WordWorld Christmas

THE ROCK FATHER's TOP PICKS for 2015 Holiday Blu-ray & DVD New Releases & Reissues:
HOME ALONE 25th Anniversary Edition TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (2003) Cowabunga Christmas CHRISTMAS VACATION 25th Anniversary Edition WWE SANTA'S LITTLE HELPER
My Little Pony/Littlest Pet Shop Winter Vacation CHUGGINGTON Big Freeze Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas Special ELF: Buddy's Musical Christmas
Peppa Pig Winter Day Strawberry Shortcake Winter Collection Thomas' Christmas Carol Zack & Quack Christmas
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PRODUCT OF HATE in the media? Yes, we sometimes make the news. This is a collection of news items, interviews, features, reviews and more from around the Globe. We'll be updating this on a (hopefully) frequent basis...

2016 Live Reviews and Reports:
2016 - BURIED IN VIOLENCE Album Reviews:

Metal Hammer: One of 12 Bands to Watch in 2016 - "After cutting their teeth supporting the likes of Lamb Of God and Meshuggah, these head-swivellingly aggressive Wisconsin metallers tear onto the 2016 landscape with a cranium-flattening debut in February. Euphorically violent acolytes of the NWOAHM, Product Of Hate fuel their ambitiously-conceived song structures with paint-stripping riffage and rubberised machine gun tempos. Once the wild-eyed masses get a taste, they could effortlessly slingshot into the next tier by year’s end."

Amps & Green Screens (10/10): "[PRODUCT OF HATE] have made an album that is perfect in every way. And with this record PRODUCT OF HATE have now challenged every other band in the Thrash/NWOAHM genre to step their fucking game up in 2016 and beyond. Get to know these boys because they’re gonna be a household name in metal, and probably on many year end Top 10 lists."

Target Audience Magazine:  "[PRODUCT OF HATE} does a fine job melding the complexity of thrash with the dynamics of hardcore, something many American metal bands struggle with. BURIED IN VIOLENCE is modern thrash done right and it is refreshing to hear a metal band not emulating metal bands from 1985. PRODUCT OF HATE brings the violence and the mosh..."

Right to Rock (4/4) "CD of the Month": "Their debut album Buried In Violence is a thrash tour de force and no mistake. Their particular sound appeals to metalheads that thrill to the Swiss clock precision of classic thrash and speed metal, but filters it through a melodic, groove-oriented sensibility that modern 'bangers dig."

Dead Rhetoric (9/10): "Product of Hate is a promising act that balances aggressive thrash with hooky melodies with the care of a much more veteran act. An album like Buried in Violence is best served with windows down and volume cranked to max. Just don’t complain about your sore neck the next day."

The Metal Gods Meltdown: "...aggressive, brutal maelstrom of killer sounds that tear down anything and everything in their way... [PRODUCT OF HATE] have the intensity and vicious hostility to become a huge household name!"

Two Guys Metal Reviews:  "One of the cool things about Product Of Hate is how simply immaculate they sound... this is a band who understand their own distinctive style and play music that will last for generations."

Metal Asylum (7/10): "A scorching, relentless, swaggering runaway bullet train of an album... If you want well-executed, visceral hyperthrash, then these guys will be happy to deliver it to your chin - - on the heels of their boots."

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel/TAP Milwaukee: "As the band and album names would attest, the fellas in Product of Hate aren't the happy-go-lucky type. But there's a lot to like from Hate's debut, released by revered metal label Napalm Records. The kick drums hit so fast and furious on "Kill. You. Now." you'll think your ears are being pummeled by Bruce Lee's flying fists. "Monster" features guitar riffs that live up to the name." -- Piet Levy

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (2): "From its band name to its album title, from its label to its twin-guitar frenzy, this five-man Kenosha group deftly smashes old-school metal dexterity into new-school metal rage."

Wormwood Chronicles:  “Revolution of Destruction” is not just a song on “Buried in Violence,” it’s an apt description of Product of Hate itself.  Keep an eye out for this band..."

Metal Gods TV (9/10): "fierce, ferocious and rampant thrash metal oozing brutality with every twang and thump.."

DemonZone (8/10): "...these guys have just proven to be an impressive force in metal... sounds magnificent."

That's Not Real Music!: "...they mean business... pounding riffs from start to finish."

Five Albums with Chris Nee: "...groove metal has the classic metal attitude but modern extremity, fused with big, rolling riffs and aggression on tap... Yes please."

Ghost Cult Magazine: "...A punishing blend of modern groove and classic thrash... PRODUCT OF HATE's tight musicianship and youthful exuberance proves that they should be a killer live act."

Ave Noctum (7/10): "While this quintet from Wisconsin have been around for 9 or so years, this is their first full length album and delivers 11 fast paced tracks with little remorse..."

Glacially Musical:  "...these fellows have a larger vocabulary on guitar than Sheldon Cooper does on physics. BURIED IN VIOLENCE is built from the ground up to knock buildings back to it."

GetMetal.com: "..heaviness, aggression, glowing guitars, thundering bass lines and pounding drums."

Decibel Geek: "The band are as tight as a duck’s bottom and the old school thrash influences are worn as a badge of honour.."

NeuFutur: "...the heavy and technically ferocious kick in the teeth the thrash metal world has been longing for."

Rockway (Greece): "...Smart and Powerful, BURIED IN VIOLENCE will leave you with a smile. Absolutely recommended."

Whiplash.net (Portugal) (9/10): "Powerful... fierce and heavy. A promise for the future..."

French-Metal (France) (16/20): "An incredible talent... the  technique is impeccable."

Metal Chronicles (France): "solid technical mastery with a volcanic aggressiveness... the Americans did a good job and can be proud."

Soil Chronicles (France) (8.5/10): "Amazing... explosive... the first album is a success."

Rock in Spain (Spain): "A statement on how to make a great thrash record in the first quarter of the 21st century. "

Metal & Metal Forever Man (Czech) (7/10): "Anyone who likes hardcore thrash should not miss this album."

Revolution Music (Denmark): "good at playing the game -- violently with both technical and thundering drums, technically great riffs and lead guitar attacks."

Nemesis-Rocks (Germany): "Cunning domination of an elegant game. Don't pass this up."

Metal Imperium (Portugal) (7.6/10): "Such strength and good taste... will appeal to all who like thrash."

Metal Underground (Austria) (4.5/5): "Refreshing... lives up to the hype, and these guys are really great."

Crossfire Metal (Germany) (7/10): "Modern day old-school!"

Metallized (Italy):  The hyper voice of Adam Gilley stands out like a monster from hell, strafed by brothers Cody and Gene Rathbone on guitars, and the impeccable rhythm section formed by Mark Campbell on bass and Mike McGuire on drums.

Fleurs du Mal (Italy) (7/10): "...turn up the volume as much as possible, open wide the windows and scream along: the result can be therapeutic and liberating."

United Rock Nations (France) (3/5): "Like PANTERA... these guys must've been cradled in the VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER sauce! Executed to perfection."

Metal.de (Germany): "A good debut - ideal for training the muscles of the neck."

White Room Reviews (Netherlands): "Everything a good metal band in 2016 should be."

Wings of Death (Netherlands): "A treasure... brutal and ruthless."

Metal Blast (3.5/5): On BURIED IN VIOLENCE, they demonstrate over and over again their ability to crush skulls and rattle bones... "

2016 - Interviews
2016 - "Monster" Video and Single Release"
2015 - BURIED IN VIOLENCE Album Announcement, Cover Art, Tracklist, Release Date Reveal

2015 - "...As Your Kingdom Falls" Lyric Video Premiere

2015 - Misc. Coverage and Interviews

2015 - Get Rekt Tour with Allegaeon, The Agonist and Product of Hate:

April 20, 2015: Dead Rhetoric - Live Review | The Agonist, Allegaeon & Product of Hate at Trick Shots, Clifton Park, NY

Highlights: "Product of Hate was really the wild card going in and ended up tipping the scales even further on the plus side."

"Going into Product of Hate’s set with some light knowledge of one song (their debut comes out late summer on Napalm Records), curiosity was peaked to see how they’d sound. They immediately made an impression with some killer thrashy metal. The guitar and bass section was rather engaging, as was vocalist Adam Gilley, who frequently interacted with the group of us in the front who were headbanging away like mad (including my wife and I). The band’s high-impact thrash is seemingly a perfect fit for the live venue, and the band seem dead set on converting everyone over to them, one fan at a time. It’s the kind of attitude that’s sure to continue to gain them more momentum once their album is released."

April 5, 2015: Ottawa Showbox - Live Review | Product of Hate at House of TARG, Ottawa, Canada

Highlights: "Napalm Records’ Product of Hate, a band I am incredibly glad I saw live – really set the bar high for Allegaeon. My main appraise of this band is Adam Gilley, the band’s frontman and guitarists Gene and Cody Rathbone (best name ever). A theme I noticed throughout the whole night was the amount of insane guitar playing. SO many solos.

Adam Gilley also totally looks the way a rock star should. All he needed was the bright red leather pants. I noticed his white Right Hook Microphone, as well – so that made them even more stellar."

April 1, 2015: SHREDLOAD - Live Review | Product of Hate at Jub Jub's in Reno, NV

Highlights: "The quality levels were kept high with thrash metal outfit PRODUCT OF HATE, currently signed to Napalm Records.  PRODUCT OF HATE laid down a brutal and relentless set of break neck thrash... full of confidence and enthusiasm that filtered into the crowd. PRODUCT OF HATE had the stage presence and the songs to shine through and delivered a brutal set. Check them out immediately. Product of Hate took the gold medal tonight so be sure to look them up and pick up their latest releases on Napalm Records!"

March 26, 2015: Live Performance of "Kill. You. Now" at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA vid Capital Chaos TV (YouTube)

March 26, 2015: Metal Assault - Live Review | Product of Hate at Complex in Glendale (Los Angeles), CA

Highlights: "Main support act Product Of Hate went about their mission of destroying this stage with much conviction. This is the first band I’ve heard of from Kenosha, Wisconsin since the emergence and subsequent disappearance of Lazarus A.D., and Product Of Hate did not do their town’s reputation any harm at all, playing a fiercely energetic set filled to the brim with quintessential modern metal and decorated by grooves galore."

 2014 - Announcement of Signing with NAPALM Records

2009 - I For An I (pre-PoH name) - Live in Kenosha (YouTube)

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Official PRODUCT OF HATE Merchandise is available on-tour, or direct from the Napalm Records Webstore. Customers in North America, please click here, International customers, here.

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PRODUCT OF HATE | Discography

NAPALM Records | February 5, 2016
Recorded and Engineered by Scott Creekmore at Mercenary Digital Studios, Zion, Illinois. Mixed and Mastered by James Murphy, Safehouse Production, Florida. Artwork and Layout by Colin Marks, Rain Song Design.
Album Sampler: Listen Here


  1. Kill. You. Now. (Video)
  2. Annihilation
  3. ...As Your Kingdom Falls  (Live Video | Lyric Video)
  4. Blood Coated Concrete (Video)
  5. Monster (Video)
  6. Buried in Violence
  7. Vindicare
  8. Nemesis
  9. Revolution of Destruction (Video)
  10. Unholy Manipulator (Video)
  11. Perry Mason (Ozzy Osbourne Cover)
  12. Eyes of the Damned (Japanese Bonus Track)


"Kill. You. Now.""Kill. You. Now."
Napalm Records | May 20, 2016
Watch Video: YouTube
From the Album, BURIED IN VIOLENCE. Mixed by James Murphy of Safehouse Production. Recorded by Scott Creekmore at Mercenary Digital Studios, Zion, Illinois
Napalm Records | January 15, 2016
Watch Video: YouTube
From the Album, BURIED IN VIOLENCE. Mixed by James Murphy of Safehouse Production. Recorded by Scott Creekmore at Mercenary Digital Studios, Zion, Illinois
POH BCC 100"Blood Coated Concrete" (2015 Edition)
Napalm Records | December 4, 2015
Watch Video: YouTube
From the Album, BURIED IN VIOLENCE. All-new mix by James Murphy of Safehouse Production. Recorded by Chris Wisco at Belle City Sound, Racine, Wisconsin
POH UM 100"Unholy Manipulator" (2015 Edition)
Napalm Records | October 30, 2015
Watch Video: YouTube
From the Album, BURIED IN VIOLENCE. All-new mix by James Murphy of Safehouse Production. Recorded by Chris Wisco at Belle City Sound, Racine, Wisconsin
POH AYKF 100"...As Your Kingdom Falls" 
Lyric Video Release - Napalm Records | April 10, 2015
Watch Video: YouTube
 Mixed by James Murphy of Safehouse Production. Recorded by Scott Creekmore at Mercenary Digital Studios, Zion, Illinois
Lyric Video edited by James Zahn (The Rock Father). Artwork by Colin Marks (Rain Song Design)
PRODUCT OF HATE - "A Well-Deserved Death"PRODUCT OF HATE - "A Well-Deserved Death" (Digital Single)
Independent Release | August 23, 2012
Debuted as a Noisecreep (then-AOL) Exclusive on 8/22/12. Recorded and Mixed by Chris Wisco at Belle City Sound, Racine, Wisconsin.
PRODUCT OF HATE - "Revolution of Destruction"PRODUCT OF HATE - "Revolution of Destruction" (Digital Single)
Independent Release | May 22, 2012
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Wisco at Belle City Sound, Racine, Wisconsin.


Headbangers CompilationFOR THE HEADBANGERS: Brutal New Music - Volume 6
Track: "...As Your Kingdom Falls" | Spring 2015
A promotional CD released by Jamey Jasta's Hatewear, Inc. in partnership with Napalm Records, Nuclear Blast America and Monster Energy, this 16-track compilation marks the first physical release of a PRODUCT OF HATE song under the Napalm Records banner. This compilation was available at festivals during the Spring/Summer of 2015, and also features songs from Agnostic Front, Jasta, Cavalera Conspiracy, Coal Chamber, Soilwork and more.


normalcoverNORMAL | 2012
Track: "Blood Coated Concrete"
This 2012 Independent Comedy from filmmaker Nicolas P. Richards not only features an early mix of "Blood Coated Concrete" on its soundtrack, but appearances from the entire band. On the poster - that's PRODUCT OF HATE guitarist Geno Rathbone, who not only stars in the film, but also produced.
Bonus fact: Cinematographer Chuck Przbyl would regroup with POH four years later to shoot three videos to support the release of BURIED IN VIOLENCE.


Independent Release | Summer 2010
Recorded by Chris Wisco at Belle City Sound, Racine, Wisconsin. Mixed and Mastered by James Murphy at Safehouse Production, Florida
  1. "Start the March"
  2. "Your Last Chance"
  3. "Blood Coated Concrete" (Video released in 2012)
  4. "Embrace Your Escape"
  5. "Eyes of the Damned"
  6. "Unholy Manipulator" (Short Film released in 2012)
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