Universal's Fast & Furious franchise roared back into theaters this year with THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS, the eighth feature film in the series. While there have been several different toy lines released based on the individual films, aside from the occasional Hot Wheels release, there hasn't been a really kid-focused collection of toys until now. Mattel's Fast & Furious collection includes several sub-lines of vehicles and playsets in different scales, one of which is the Stunt Stars assortment - 1:32-scale plastic vehicles, each paired with a small action figure and packed with special "stunt" features inspired by scenes from across the various films in the saga. Kids can now recreate their favorite Fast & Furious scenes, or create completely new adventures in small-scale.

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When it comes to toy cars and trucks with motorized lights and sounds, the folks at Toy State lead the pack, hands-down. While they've got several different lines to play with, their house-brand Road Rippers are usually the showcase for the more unique or off-the-wall functions - officially-licensed replicas with some interesting surprises packed under the hood, so to speak. One nameplate that's received the Road Rippers treatment on more than a few occasions is the Mini Cooper S., and one of the latest models to rock the road comes from the Road Rippers Dancing Car assortment.

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The Step2 CompanyOn my recent trip to the Ohio headquarters of The Step2 Company, I turned a corner to find something mysterious... large... and previously only rumored to exist. The legend turned out to be true... and there it was - headlights shining at me - glaring in front of an iconic blue and orange color scheme that can only be claimed by one of America's biggest and best-selling automakers. Granted, they're usually 1:64 in scale and made largely of diecast metal, but I don't know if any car brand has moved more units than Hot Wheels since the first "Redlines" rolled-out in 1968. The odd thing here is that I found myself staring at what may be one of the biggest Hot Wheels items ever to be produced... and it wasn't in the famed Southern California Design Studio that Mattel has established for Hot Wheels, but in the Ohio testing facility of fellow toymaker Step2. Take a peek at this, and look very closely...

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When it comes to iconic, American toys, one of the few brands that immediately springs to mind is TONKA. For me, simply hearing the word conjures images of those five bold letters standing out in the stamped, embossed metal form that I grew up on as a kid in the 80s. My cousins and I had many adventures with our TONKA Trucks and construction vehicles - the original-style metal versions that were built like tanks. From the sandbox to the garden, and even at one point an actual construction site (my aunt and uncle had a property being built that had some cool ditches we used as a "quarry"), we were there with TONKA, getting dirty and having fun. In fact, "Gettin' Dirty Since 1947" is TONKA's tagline in 2015, and all these years later, it's a tradition that The Rock Daughters™ have now been experiencing here at Rock Father HQ...

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NEW! Looking for STAR WARS Carships? Checklist for those is here!

STAR WARS fans of all ages got excited in 2014 when it was first revealed that Mattel would get to dabble with the STAR WARS license for the very first time under their flagship HOT WHEELS brand. Jumping in heavy, the announcement came with the debut of a life-sized, functional Darth Vader character car, along with the slow roll-out of a variety of STAR WARS-inspired rides across several different assortments, pack sizes and retailer exclusives, keeping up has quickly become a difficult pursuit. That's why created a checklist, complete with all the details I can wrangle for this exciting collection. This list will continue to be updated regularly with the latest releases not only for the Hot Wheels Star Wars Character Cars, but also other Star Wars-themed Hot Wheels including special assortments and Pop Culture Series releases!

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A funny thing happened this week here at Rock Father HQ... in true Northern Illinois fashion, the weather shifted from sub-zero temperatures to over 60° practically overnight. With that, "Spring Fever" hit hard, and as over two feet of dirty snow was replaced by mushy, debris-filled dead grass, the sidewalks and driveway was cleared, and outdoor fun was able to begin. It's appropriate that this past week was also National Bubble Week, and for it, the folks at Funrise Toys sent us their new Gazillion Bubbles Bump & Go Bubble Car so that the girls could take it for a test drive. Take a look at the video below...

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