"Exclusive" toys and collectibles are a double-edged sword - on one side they can be fantastic pieces made to mark a special event or occasion, but on the other they can be difficult to get and sometimes a smack in the face to those who would love to own them, but just can't attend the event or afford the ridiculous aftermarket prices. For the summer of 2016, two that fit the bill are the beautiful new STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES 6" action figures being offered by Hasbro at San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC), FanExpo Canada and STAR WARS Celebration Europe. Yesterday afternoon my friends at Hasbro sent over a look at two new depictions of Obi-Wan Kenobi (A NEW HOPE) and Kylo Ren (THE FORCE AWAKENS), each packaged with some excellent accessories. Take a look...

Hands-down one of my favorite vehicles to come from the Hot Wheels STAR WARS Character Cars Collection is the Boba Fett edition - a "rat rod" that legitimately looks like it could be a real car, the kind pieced together and driven to extremes by a ruthless bounty hunter. As one of the most popular characters from the STAR WARS franchise, it's no secret that Fett went through numerous variations prior to becoming the stoic figure that we first saw in live-action in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (of course, he appeared in animated form in the STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL), including the increasingly-popular "Prototype Armor" version. Clad in all-white (perhaps too close to an Imperial Stormtrooper), there have been several action figures made based on the concept, but for the forthcoming STAR WARS CELEBRATION EUROPE, Mattel is unleashing a Prototype Armor version of their Hot Wheels Boba Fett - a vehicle that's bound to become a sought-after addition to any Hot Wheels STAR WARS collection. See more below, and hit this link for one of the most comprehensive Hot Wheels STAR WARS Checklists on the web!

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At STAR WARS CELEBRATION in Anaheim this weekend, visitors were treated to their first look at STAR WARS REBELS' forthcoming second season. Debuting later this year on Disney XD (no premiere date has been revealed), there's twice as many episodes, new characters and the return of some familiar faces from a galaxy far, far away. A four-minute trailer was shown, and now that trailer is available for all to see. Where the first season of REBELS seemed like it had so much more to tell, this trailer unleashes just how big this thing really is - a fascinating bridge between REVENGE OF THE SITH and A NEW HOPE... one in which we will get to see Darth Vader (yes, it's James Earl Jones) in his most villainous days. Take a look...

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NEW! Looking for STAR WARS Carships? Checklist for those is here!

STAR WARS fans of all ages got excited in 2014 when it was first revealed that Mattel would get to dabble with the STAR WARS license for the very first time under their flagship HOT WHEELS brand. Jumping in heavy, the announcement came with the debut of a life-sized, functional Darth Vader character car, along with the slow roll-out of a variety of STAR WARS-inspired rides across several different assortments, pack sizes and retailer exclusives, keeping up has quickly become a difficult pursuit. That's why created a checklist, complete with all the details I can wrangle for this exciting collection. This list will continue to be updated regularly with the latest releases not only for the Hot Wheels Star Wars Character Cars, but also other Star Wars-themed Hot Wheels including special assortments and Pop Culture Series releases!

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Fresh from STAR WARS CELEBRATION in Anaheim comes the second official teaser for J.J. Abrams' STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. This is everything you've been waiting to see, and so much is hidden in just a two minute teaser. Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie? Yes, they're all here with so many nods to the past as we glimpse into the future. Watch this now...

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From the Department of "Cool Stuff from Cool Events I Won't Be Attending This Year" comes a fresh announcement from the folks at Hallmark. Starting this week at STAR WARS CELEBRATION in Anaheim, the Hallmark crew will be serving-up pop culture exclusives at some of 2015's most important pop culture events including Comic-Con International (San Diego Comic-Con of SDCC), New York Comic-Con (NYCC) and Disney's D23 Expo. Check out the full slate below, right here on THE ROCK FATHER!

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